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Thoughts of late

Lately i have been having these thoughts. It happens to me ever few months and normally i dont reach out for help but since im part of a good community here i figured id share. I have tried sharing with my mom but last time i did she told me i was an idiot and shrugged me off. And she did that after she said i can tell her anything. But when im with fellow Atheist's i know its all good. Just wish were i lived more people were open about it and all. One time i tried to talk to a priest about how… Continue

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New family

Now just recently i have found my biological dad and i love it. I have never known him so i dont know how big of a religious person he is or the family he has(his wife and my half brother and sisters) Now they are on my facebook and it does say that im atheist on there. Now when i do eventually meet them and they are religious how do i handle the situation? I honestly have never been in a situation like that and was wondering if anyone has been and if so could u help me out. Much appreciated.

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People in this world

SO on facebook i put posts that are controversial and so many of my "friends" on there get offended because i put that "Some people seem to love to turn to drinking when something bad happens. Pretty sad." So many people though that it was non of my business to them drinking, i do agree, but isnt a statue update on facebook what is one my mind? I believe it is. I dont get the big deal in putting my views on the world on facebook. So what i think this government is corrupt and that i dont… Continue

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Separation between state and church.

So i think that the separation between state and church is a joke. The government supports those who believe in god more then they do for those who can't get a job very easy. If you start a church you don't have to pay property taxes where your churches are located and if you need to buy anything for your church you don't need to pay income taxes on those items. Now i know there are some organizations that do have that but those organizations are for everyone if needed. Now there may be more… Continue

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Question to all

So b4 i go and argue this to my dean of students i would like to know your opinion on this. Should students be able to wear an "i love boobies bracelet" in school. Note that i have worn one for a week and not one teacher has said one thing and other students havent made any comments to it. Here is a link to what they look like: I can understand the shirt cuz its alittle… Continue

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So this year I had to take a speech class to graduate. For one of my speeches i informed my class about atheism. I know that i was the only atheist in there. It actually went over very nicely. I was the only senior in the class so i dont really think they cared all that much but i know I informed the teacher ans a few students. Only 2 of the students came to me asking me a few more questions about atheists and they were 2 very religious girls. But what i thought was the very cool part is that… Continue

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My Friends

So when me and my friend are just chatting he will say something the relates to religion and will wait for me to say something in contrast to it. He knows im very strong about all my views and he loves to hear me rant on about religion but after awhile i get sick of it. Im very open about being an atheist and when i make a secular comment to a religious statement they think that im sinning and have no life and all that jazz when i have explained to them what an atheist is. I just think that… Continue

Added by Travis on April 13, 2010 at 11:01pm — 2 Comments

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