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Israel – Palestine – United Sates

This blog is a reaction to the nonsense of "Propaganda Pat Condell" and his latest video. I wrote this a while back.


Israel – Palestine – United Sates


"The main danger which Israel, as a 'Jewish state', poses to its own people, to other Jews and to its neighbours, is its ideologically motivated pursuit of territorial expansion and the inevitable series of wars resulting from this aim...No Zionist politician has ever repudiated the idea that Israeli policies…


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Turkey & Europe

With Turkey's population set to be 100 million by mid-century, and given its deep Islamic roots and how it is so distant culturally from Europe, do you think it's a good or bad idea to bring Turkey into the EU? Do you think it would work?

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'Jesus loves nukes' course is struck out

Based on certain biblical passages, such as Revelation 19:11 among others, which says "Jesus Christ is the mighty warrior", the course was taught to U.S soldiers. Soldiers had to sit through a PowerPoint session of "Fundamentalist love for the apocalypse."


From the Guardian article: 

"Before the the…


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Having it our way for a change

Theists claim atheists believe in nothing, but on closer examination, it’s the theist who believes this life is nothing but a stopover for the next life - a non-material life spent in endless grovelling worship towards a monster in the clouds. Thinking this way devalues this life - the real and only one. 


Our brains have evolved to think faithfully. This may have served us well in the past, but now it's nothing but an unfortunate relic. With faith, there is no check system,…


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Pope Ratzinger & the cover up

I wrote this short essay for college a while back. I thought I would throw it up here for all to see.


Case Study 1

The Pope

The first case study is on Pope Benedict XVI. When I refer to the Pope I will be referring to the man himself and the institution of the Catholic Church in general. The…


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