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Miners' Miracle

CNN offered up a clip about a pair of the trapped miners seeing a white butterfly deep in the mine just before the initial cave-in. They followed it and the fact that it was down there and they altered their position in the shaft "miraculously saved their lives". Moments later, the dust was so thick, they couldn't see it any more.

Another "miracle". Fine.

But we never ever hear from the miner who stopped to look at… Continue

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God's Miracles

We are often exposed to the "miracles" of God...

A baby survives a horrific car crash

A loved one survives cancer

A wounded soldier survives a battlefield injury


Obviously, though, the "blame" for those people being put in those situations in the first place is NEVER God's "fault".

But how about this one (and the countless others like it that occur to defenseless infants and children every single day)?

Baby born without eyes:…


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A year of miracles!

Things haven't been particularly great around here during the past year.



Stalled economy.

Harsh weather.



But to counter--and yea, even overshadow--all those bad things, just look at all the MIRACLES that happened!…


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Ten Faulty Commandments

My first blog post here...

I suspect most everyone who'll read this is familiar with the Ten Commandments in the Bible. We all know they're flawed. Where are the proscriptions against rape? Against kidnapping? Are wives really the property of their husbands?

Bertrand Russell came up with Ten Commitments that were labeled "an ethical and modern replacement for the Ten Commandments":

1. Do not lie to yourself.

2. Do not lie to other people, unless they are… Continue

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