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Self-proclaimed atheist

I often read crap on the internet about atheists. I find the disinformation extremely amusing. I was curious why atheist are so often referred to as “self-proclaimed atheist”? I have a lot seen videos in which atheists participate in debates or interviews and are introduced as “a self-proclaimed atheist”. What does this mean really? Why do they say it? Is there a verification process I am ignorant to? Yes, that last question is sarcastic. Do they not believe us? I just don’t get it.

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Awesome Aussie Atheist wearing "religious" headpiece in drivers licence (pasta strainer)

A friend sent me this link on twitter. I love love love this story.

Basically in Australia you can wear headpieces in your drivers license picture as long as it is religious. Well this Atheist guy was finally given permission to do the same. Only his is a spaghetti strainer. Hope this makes you guys smile!…


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when should I tell my kid religion is BS. she goes to a catholic school :(

This is a really weird situation to explain. I live in the city, like downtown in the city. Public schools here are awful. I live in a nice neighborhood, but the school my daughter would have to go to is so ghetto. I made the decision to send her to a … school. It went against every fiber of my being. I even lied to a nun and said I was catholic. (That’s what us atheists do right? We lie, cheat, steal, murder). I live here because its very close to school for me and makes my life oh… Continue

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Heaven Without Athesits

Like most atheists, I could call BS on religion all day. My newest thought was inspired by my mom. My mom is pretty great in terms of not preaching to me. I was actually wondering why she doesn’t care more (since she won’t be able to enjoy eternity with me, as I will be in hell because I don’t believe in god). I can’t really wrap my head around the concept of an eternity without a loved one and how this could possibly constitute as heaven. I know any significant amount of time without my… Continue

Added by Meghan McWilliams on July 1, 2011 at 1:14am — 7 Comments

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