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On the road ramblings... Written a few weeks ago.

(Ok, written in a car on the way back from NY, so forgive any incoherency!)…


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Religion is a choice, isn't it?

If anyone says that religion is not a form of programming, ask a Christian why he, or she, isn't a Hindu. Upbringing and environment have more to do with what religion you are than anything else. Why else are you more likely to be a christian in a christian country, or a Muslim in a Muslim country. Choice seldom comes into it, especially for children, which is the ripe…


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Negative reaction

Well, just a short piece I wrote in response to something on ThinkingAloud.

I remember when I first got my apartment in the US. It…


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I'm an Atheist

I’ve always been an atheist. I say that with certainty for one reason really. At no point in my life have I ever looked skywards, when alone, and asked for anything. There have been mutterings, sure, but they haven’t really been aimed at anyone, or anything else, rather it was me telling myself off, or urging myself to get something done, or to get myself out of a quagmire. I never went to church, (at least with the aim of praying, or asking for guidance. I was normally found in church during… Continue

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The implications of life elsewhere for religion?

As I am not religious in anyway, shape or form, (thank God), so to me I would simply find aliens of whatever description to be an extension of life, and in no way an earth shattering discovery. The religious on the others hand, could take it any number of ways. They would have to decide...…


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