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Slavery in America

I have never researched this, but is it true that the slaves were given bibles but not education to keep them enslaved?

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Elizabeth Edwards on life and loss

It's pretty sad that good people rely on a absentee sky daddy. Many good christians pray for husbands to stop cheating, as Elizabeth did (her husband left with the other women) Pray for cancer to be healed (she died from it) At the end she even changed her perception of god that she would live again to see dead family members (which she wont) It is all a big hoax. very sad. …


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I don't like christmas. I stopped liking christmas long before I became an atheist. Christians took the fun out of it many years ago for me. The rituals the solemn assemblies to reflect on some guy getting beat to a pulp and crucified for "me". How I owed this guy so much and I needed to be nice to everyone for this one special day. It was special because of what "he" did for me. I never bought into that and it just seemed wrong. I never taught it to my children. I give them presents but that's… Continue

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Clash of the titans

Well, the good thing is that my husband and I have been married for 6 years and we don't throw shit and scream at each other ;o). Today he felt the need to remind me of how good god is. I chose to ask him if he was talking about the same god that allows billions of his christians to suffer from diabetes, cancer and all kinds of diseases after he promised you guys he would heal you? I told him I dont believe or want to even acknowledeg a god like that.If his god is so real why doesn't he heal… Continue

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Black Atheist

I have noticed since kicking down the closet door about my dis belief in any god, that there are not many black Atheist around in the United States.I have met a few on twitter but that's it. Which is cool I don't care about that. I just think its because more blacks have been grandfathered into jesus or scared to break the family tradition. What do you think? I know for a fact it's got to be a lot more black people that don't believe in god, but why wont they come out and join the real… Continue

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Christian husband

I am glad I finally came out and told my husband that I don't believe in his god. I now am sitting through prayers at the dinner table, talks about what god is doing for him, not to mention the morning prayer in the car. I basically sit through them thinking all the while how stupid it is. I don't think my husband is stupid, he's just not thinking the whole bible through. he pushes all of the things he can't explain to the side and says that we are not supposed to know everything. I asked him… Continue

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This is a strange place to be in. I have told my husband that I don't love god and I am not a christian and that I don't believe in fairy tales. I wanted to but I don't. I wanted to believe that I could blame something or someone else when ever I did something wrong. All I had to do was say the devil made me do it or the devil put those thoughts in my head. I knew all the time that we are all responsible for our actions, good , bad , or indifferent. He is still a christian and prays for me and… Continue

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