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Masks + Red Hair = Satanist?

Ok, so this is freakin hilarious to me and I had to share.  I live and work in the South, the office building I work in has over 600 people in it and I tend to interact with all of them (IT Support and all).  Occasionally we have these charity raffles where people can donate items for charity.  So I contact the chairmen of the committee and tell them I would like to donate one of the masks from my shop for the next event and sent him the link (…


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Did you know that Atheists are trapped in a prison of reason?

So I came across this article… don’t remember if it was a link through here or google, but I read some of the posts linked in that article by Jennifer Fulwiler, the former Atheist now Catholic Convert…and in one of her articles (Reasoning with Atheists:…


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Heaven = Death?

So this has been floating around in my head and wanted to get everyone’s input.  Christians are Christians because the ultimate prize is Heaven, no argument there.  Even if they say other reasons, the real reason is to avoid Hell and get to the pearly gates. 


Now as I understand it, in Heaven there is no pain, sin, sadness or anything negative.  Everything is happy, good and you spend eternity worshiping God because lets face it, he is awesome and demands to be worshiped…


Added by Cognizant Psyche on August 2, 2011 at 3:55pm — 2 Comments

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