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I Want to Write a Book

I want to write my own book on my own views on Atheism and religion and what not. Hmmm, thoughts suggestions? 

Added by Amber Cantrell on August 10, 2011 at 11:59am — 2 Comments

Fun compliments, silly pick up lines, and insulting things to say to people

"You are as beautiful as a garden of baby jesus's" My friend Kelsey said to me.

My reply, "You are a garden of baby Jesus's" 

Kelsy,"Yup i'm just popin' them out my womb!" 


My explanation for the birth of Jesus. "See there's this imaginary man in the sky, lets call him God. He has a little imaginary ball-sack with little imaginary baby jesus spermies in em. Now, this imaginary man in the sky took those little imaginary spermies and inserted them into a virgins…


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No Longer Worth The Trouble To Tell My Mom

Previously I posted a blog and mentioned that I was going to tell my mom about My Atheism. Well When I went out to see her over the weekend, I decided it was no longer worth the trouble to tell her. 

My Mother, has never really been a good mom. She really doesn't even deserve to have that title. I'm her only biological child, she has three step kids, my half siblings, and she treats all of them better than myself. I lived with her up until my senior year of high school (class of 10'…


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19 Today! (4/17/11)

Today is my birthday! I am 19 years young and I just wanted to share and say, happy birthday to anyone else who may have a birthday either today, or in the month of April! Happy Birthday Aprilians!

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Marriage is For Who?

I was recently in a building, at Kent State, waiting for my General Psych class to start. I sit in this building for four hours everyday, because of a stupid schedule, waiting for this class. So I have made friends to cope with the boredom. Well one day, me and my friend Joe got into a debate. 

I write for a LGBT friendly internet magazine,, so I'm pro gay! Well anyways, Joe and I got into a debate about homosexuals getting married. I never really saw why it was…


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Half the Battle of My Atheist Outing

As a 19 year old (well 19 on April 17th =) ) who has been an Atheist for approximately eight years, it never occurred to me to tell my family. At 11 I didn't really know any better, and I was slightly afraid  that if I ever told anyone, I'd get in trouble. I was petrified that everyone in my family would disown me. My mom was never really a religious nut, but she does have her beliefs, that there is a god. She never pushed religion on me, because she wanted me to be able to make my own…


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In America we live free from religious persecution

In America we live free from religious persecution. We have the right to practice whatever religious beliefs we may or may not have. From Catholicism and Christianity all the way to Atheism. Even Satanists have the right to believe what they wish. Is this really true though? Are we, in the United States, really free from the terror that other people can inflict because of our beliefs?

There are so many people out there that do not like the fact that other people,…


Added by Amber Cantrell on April 11, 2011 at 11:30am — 3 Comments

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