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I have one religious friend.

That's a bad way to start a blog post, because as Kevin Hart once brilliantly said (albeit about black people):

"Nothing is more racist than having one black friend.  Zero black friends is somehow less racist than having one black friend."

He and I get along just fine, thank you very much. He knows I'm an atheist and doesn't bother me about it, and I know he's religious and I don't bother him…


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Yizkor - The Israeli debate of God Vs. The People

In the ealy 1920's, a Hebrew poet and intellectual by the name of Berl Katznelson wrote a short segment to commemorate his friends who died in the battle of Tel-Hai, among them the famous Joseph Trumpeldor. The passage, called "Yizkor" ('Remember'), started with the words:

"Remember will the People of Israel the pure souls of his sons and daughters"


After the…


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The Ramon Tragedy - Dealing with death and mythicism.

If there's one thing religion does very well, it's dealing with death and the afterlife. And I'm not talking about death itself, or rather life after death as a concept, but of the way religion helps people deal with the loss of their loved ones. The idea of life after death appeals to the child in us, the… Continue

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