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Focus on the Family

First off, I hope everyone is enjoying their new year.  This is my first post of 2012 and I hope you enjoy just as much as I did.

So here it is.  I'm watching the AFC Divisional Playoff game between the New England Patriots & Denver Broncos enjoying the sight of the almighty Tim Tebow getting knocked down a few pegs from his heavenly high pedestal and CBS goes to a commercial break as there was a timeout in the action (more than likely a change in…


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What's the difference between Fire & Evolution?

So my wife is in the final semester of college and is student teaching this semester.  She is teaching a class of kindergartners and one of the lessons she has to cover is fire safety.  As she was going through her lessons (and thinking out loud) I thought to myself; It's acceptable to teach children of fire safety and how to retard potential damage by fire, but didn't God create fire?  Fire is the cornerstone of eternal turmoil that Christians believe in with their damnation in Hell, but it…


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A State of Denial

It is difficult to turn on any "news source" today and hear radicals screaming that our Founding Fathers intended that we be a Christian Nation and that we should follow the teachings of Jesus Christ.  In this posting, I am going to debunk the ideas that our Founding Fathers intended this land to be governed under a cross.  These men were free thinkers and were above the brainwashing that is known as organized religion.  The reason for the First Amendment stating that "Congress shall make no…


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Another day to mark on your calendar

First we had to mark May 21 for the Rapture which has been moved to October 21.  Now, Gov. Rick Perry of TX has created a day of prayer and fasting for the state of Texas to help the United States with "our nation's challenges..." such as "financial debt terrorism and a multitude of natural disasters".  


If Gov. Perry's benevolent God was so caring and ready to help, would that God not have answered the prayers of the thousands upon thousands already impacted this year in the…


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Leave it to Good ol' Texas

Ok, so a local branch of the Veterans Association holds a ceremony on each Memorial Day at the Houston National Cemetery, just like many other communities around the country do.  For the past two years, a preacher has been giving the invocation during the ceremony, explicitly mentioning Jesus Christ.  This year, the VA asked for the prayer in advance and the opening reads as follows; "While respecting people of every faith today, it is in the name of Jesus Christ, the risen Lord, that I…


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Organized Religion is Organized Crime

Let's take a look at what these two seemingly polar opposite groups have in common.

1) The community pays dues. if dues aren't paid, Guido comes for your thumbs

2) Each provide a false sense of security

3) You don't ask questions; both prefer ignorance or a blind eye

4) Both endorse the eradication of any threat to their organization

Every Sunday, ushers in the church pass around collection plates to allow parishioners to give their tidings. This money is… Continue

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Praise Jesus I was Left Behind

So 6:00 PM came and passed on the International Date Line without the pomp and circumstance that was promised, yet again. Harold Camping predicted the ominous Doomsday, yet again, and to no avail we are still present and accounted for. So here's my twist on this repeat episode of the Blind Leading the Blind.

First, and probably the most offensive of my conclusions, is that Christianity is a farce. It is no more legit than the religions of Ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome yet no more… Continue

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