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Sobriety without God

I wrote an article reworking the 12 step to exclude God over a year ago. It was a great exercise, but ultimately abandoned. Here I am, more than a year later with my observation made since then. I have rejected my own 12-step model for something a little more tangible, significant, and simple. One great thing about being a scientifically driven atheist is the willingness to be wrong and openness to correcting this inequity. Perhaps I will have more to say on this in a year or two; but for…


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Skepticism is not a way of life, it is just a way of science.

As these are often going to occur, if I feel inclined to talk about something- I likely wrote an article about it already. Heh.

So... today my jab at skepticism was finally released for publication. Jab is light actually. I was fairly balanced and unbiased when I wrote it. Now I will take of my mittens and pop the claws:

Skepticism is lazy and excuse riddled. If you are not a scientist or even at the very least driven to conducting a scientific inquiry, skepticism is a cop out…


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Lack of Atheist Support for Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson?

Let's start of with a few basic identifying points: I am an anti-theist gnostic atheist. I understand what I am implying by claiming 'gnostic'. Imagine atheism is as the theory of gravity is. Would you contest someone stating gravity is a fact despite not knowing every tiny detail? If so, then nothing I am willing to expel energy saying will change your mind on my gnostic atheism. Some my wonder why I'm making a defense about this here. My point will be clear as I progress.



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