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Response to religious discussions at work

I work in a very religious, but also very geek-friendly, area.  Bad-with-the-good.  While troubleshooting an issue today in a superior's office (whom I do not directly report to) religion somehow came up.  I must point out that this guy is awesome, energetic, friendly, intelligent, but also very... well... conservative and "local".  That's just what it is.  So I respect him but at the same time, it's like every other religious conversation at work:  I want to show my atheist colors, perhaps…


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Grow Up, and Stand Up

Recently I read these two posts on TA and they hit home with me:

All of us who are thinking freely and have thrown off religion owe a debt to those who came before. I probably would not be an atheist if I hadn't read a Christopher Hitchens book, one which made me realize that it is possible (and moral) to point out that the… Continue

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Coping Skills?

Maybe it's just my perception, but it sure seems that recently religion is getting pushed into my life (and home, and work, ...) more and more. Or perhaps my awareness of it is going up. I would consider this a good thing (increased awareness is good, regardless of topic) but I'm finding it more difficult to cope.

Just a few examples:

I've hinted to my mother (but only gently, because I'm not yet ready to catch those pieces) that I'm an atheist. And yet she sent me a holiday card…


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My wife and I have been watching astronomy documentaries on Netflix recently. I find it really enjoyable, because it takes scientific topics and makes them very real. Will time ever end? How did the planets form? Is there life out there? Could there be life next door (maybe even on Io?) The universe, and the science we use to try to model and comprehend it, is awe inspiring.

This, then, reminds me of some of my favorite quotes by Carl Sagan:

Who is more humble? The…

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A little bit of holiday reflection, if you will allow.

Due to a bizarre sequence of events, I live in Utah. I originally came from the "Bible belt", but even so, Utah was a whole new world to me. The vast majority of the state's population is Mormon. I was dimly aware of this before moving here over a decade ago, but the true meaning did not sink in until I'd been on the job for a few months. My first full-time job was at a then-major software company (Novell, not that it matters.) I…


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