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13 April

On 13 April 1919 dirty tactics were used by British Raj in Subcontinent. On 13 April General Harry Dyer ordered to shoot the unarmed people in Jallianwala Bagh. On 13 April General Harry Dyer proved his lewdness & again the same day this lewdness was repeated by Muslims in Pakistan. …


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I am Ayaz Nizami

In January 2017 four social media activists went missing. After that Muslim fascists started a huge campaign of blasphemy against them. UN & many other human rights organisations issued statement against their abduction. With international pressure they were released by state intelligence authorities. After that all of them had to leave Pakistan. Nothing was proven but still they are being called traitors & blasphemers.…


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Blasphemers are Terrorists

Last year Saudi Arabia defined atheists as terrorists …


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21 century & Vultures

In our society Muhammad's tribal life is presented in an exaggerated way. In Hadith & Islamic history his life is available like an open…


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New wave of terrorism

On 13 February a suicide bombers attacked in Lahore 15 people died & many injured DIG traffic Captain Mobeen & SSP operations Mr ZM Gondal were also the victim of Lahore Blast. yesterday 6 people died in two suicide attacks in Peshawar Pakistan. …


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The Return of Pakistani Social media Activists

Pakistani social media activists who were abducted between 4 to 7 January by intelligence agencies in Pakistan have been released on 28 January.

As i got the news i contacted my fellows & asked about the situation. After their abduction there was a huge blasphemy campaign against them on main stream media & social media. So as they were released they were kept in safe places which was arranged by their friends & families.

They were beaten badly for having… Continue

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Save our Secular Bloggers


The numbers of missing persons are increasing day by day in Pakistan . Pakistani freethinkers & secular activist are being threatened & bullied on social media by religious…


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وَمِنْ كُلِّ شَیءٍ خَلَقْنَا زَوْجَینِ لَعَلَّكُمْ تَذَكَّرُونَ”



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New Year & Pakistan

In 2017 nothing gonna change in Pakistan but it will bring a huge wave of extremism & sectarianism. Last ten days of December has very much made this clear. State has not implemented the National action plan which was introduced to eliminate the violence , hate speech & terrorism.

‏Sunni clerics are openly accusing people for blasphemy & they are crossing the Mount Everest of ignorance but the state is helpless.


At Christmas Shan Taseer wished Merry…


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Religious mongers & Russian Ambassador

In the West people are told that Sufis are very peaceful people in Pakistan. Every 2nd day these Sufis come on roads & demand death plenty for Asia Bibi.

I dont like theologies but in west I find Christmas a very healthy & commercial festival. At least Christians in the West don't compel me to believe in their theology thats why i like this festival.

Last night a man attacked a…


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PK661 & Desi Bedouins

Pakistan is a corrupt state where the heads of all institutions are morally corrupt & their moral values based on religion.

Big scams are routine matters when new projects are launched. Kickbacks are taken & this becomes a burden for the poor as inflation increases. Nobody cares about this & sometimes the consequences are that people pay with their lives.

Two days ago a flight PK661 crashed & a favourite singer of my childhood died with other 47 people…


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An Election & Corruption

Few days ago there was a by-election in Jhang Pakistan. A banned terrorist organisation openly campaigned & won.

These terrorist organisation are having a hand of establishment on their back thats why they are openly allowed to run their campaign. Followers of such organisations openly campaign on social media for promoting their extremism. Cyber crime bill has been passed but nobody takes any action against them.

From my knowledge most of the religious countries… Continue

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Religion & Questions

It's a very old theocratic belief that there is someone in the skies who listens to our prayers & fulfills with his kindness. Every religion emphasis on its followers to pray more & more to get the happiness of God. Being a freethinker such ideas generated lot of questions in my mind but the answers of religious people never satisfied me.…


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Pakistani Atheists & Threats

There is always a big campaign against Atheist people in Muslim countries. For more than six years I have been tweeting against the corrupt political & religious elite in Pakistan. I discussed it many time in my previous blog posts.Few days back this page was shared on social media by different people against us.

 These things are written on this page…


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Religious Bigots & American Election

Most of the Pakistani people still think that 9/11 was done by America & Osama Bin Ladan was not in AbbotAbad etc. If Osama was not in AbbotAbad then why Pakistani corrupt Army Generals did not raise their voice against Americans action on international level. In fact they did not have the moral courage.

Most of the Pakistani's abuse their liberal & secular voices. When Narendra Modi was elected in India they abused as Donald Trump won they did the…


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Religious sects are the very basic problem of a religious society as we know in Pakistan sectarian violence is at its peak. Every 2nd day people are being killed and kidnapped on sectarian grounds.

A religious state SaudiArabia which is unable to give equal right to other sects of Islam & same with Iran whether its Shia or Sunni, Islamic ideology spread barbarism & terrorism.
all the Islamic sects & religious organisations stand on the ground of…

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Subhan Allah

A boy returned from school &  his mother asked what you were taught in school today ?

He replied : today my teacher told me the story of Moses that how he saved himself & his army

Mother : What did she tell you ?

Boy : teacher told me when Firon's army followed the Moses & his people & there was river Neil on he way Moses placed mobile bridge

when the Moses army…


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A Brutal Attack in Pakistan

Last night terrorists attacked a police school in Quetta Pakistan.More than 60 people were killed &120 got injured in this brutal attack. According to the BBC terrorist organization ISIS accepted the responsibility of this attack. In Pakistan all jihadi religious organizations which are funded by state & Saudi-Arabia & leader of these organisations never condemned such brutality. 

As we know Pakistani establishment was given millions of dollars to eliminate…

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According to the latest ITV documentary which is made in UK to discuss the very basic problem of ExMuslim Atheists Atheism is increasing in muslim world 

As i discussed before in my blog in Pakistan all Freethinkers believe that Islam has destroyed our cultural & moral…


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