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an ode to the anti-apocalyptophobiacs of the world

after all the idiots who followed Camping

found themselves up shit’s crick

after May of 2011 &

after all the morons hoping & “praying”

that they would get a “get out of life free” card

with the ending of the Mayan calendar

just a little more than a week ago,

discussion has already begun to loom,

spewing forth like the foulest vomit

(outdoing even lil’ Linda Blair’s projectile in

“The Exorcist”)

from the…


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learn Mandarin

as all the “elected” puppets congregate

with hands tied behind their backs

& marionette strings held in the hands of

corporate america (aka the global corporate),

they edge the tips of their toes along the

“fiscal cliff,” in order to force the

unfortunate citizens of the empire

boiling in the belly,

to tremble again---

talk of “cutting social security”

terrifies the seniors, who are disposed of

as quick as…


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no need for Niebuhr


exist with the reality that things

can be




gain courage, develop strength &

wisdom will come in the process of

knowing that one can never truly

know enough---

one must always be learning.



know that “surrender” eliminates

focus, know that this world is

how we make it,



alone & together,

without any metaphysical…


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“the last of the funerals”

today “the last of the funerals”

takes place &

the killings in CT get placed on the


alongside the deaths at Columbine,

Virginia Tech...


those were the “big ones” right?


well, now, Aurora was a “big one,” right?

but it didn’t happen in a school, hmmm…but

12 died & 59 were injured---

still, everybody can attribute that to the

fact that the kid had orange hair, liked the



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the excuse

for those

who need

an excuse

to come together

with their families,

to round up all their


to give gifts, to exchange

pleasantries, to

party for a few days,

to enjoy themselves

despite all else,






why some need a third party,

a made up reason,

a dictated delusion,

in order to feel that they can

rightfully take the…


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action vowed

need we mention to

mr. hope & change

that action vowed isn’t

a question of

identifying &

stigmatizing the

“mentally ill,”

as if they were all

wielding guns?


need we mention to

mr. hope & change that

the conditions of this

country lead to the actions

of its citizens, whether

they be homicidal or



need we point out to mr.

hope &…


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the computationally disappointed

s/he works on the cutting edge

with eyes pasted to the screen,

knowing no limits &

no time constraints---

with all the funding one could possibly

handle, s/he’s

scrunched down in a lab at

MIT or locked away in some

European bunker &

each day brings a moment that

may of never been foreseen even a

few years ago---

each step of progress towards a perfect

A.I., is another in the life of…


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warning behavior

well now, let’s see,

if you live in “the land of the


you get to see people get blown

away at a higher frequency these days,

because of


who have snapped,


couldn’t be the wonderful capitalist

gangbang, that squeezes its hand round the

neck of everyone,

forcing us to scramble for money,

constantly stressing &

“hoping for a better…


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the gangham crisis

because the music industry is

dead as a fucking doornail,

they grip hold as long as possible

to whatever pop singer can pull

in the most idiots to sell whatever

can be marketed by these big useless

companies that used to feed us CD’s

& have a monopoly on the recording



we discovered

how to do it on our



and so we have


the male version…


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the mime apocalypse

overheard someone quietly frightened

by the stupid fucking Mayan calendar

ending, someone sold the “apocalypse”



line &


who still eats it up, eats it up, eats it up,

regardless of how many scientists you

throw in their face,

regardless of how many ways one might,

to a point of immeasurable exhaustion,

try & dig out all the horrid christian bullshit

which has been piled on them…


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all the lost hours

the moment s/he lost his/her

faith, now tattooed on the

back of his/her hand in a

& burnt on the back

of his/her mind, stands

for him/her as the most

important moment of a

life that in retrospect

had mostly been


for in such a moment,

a flood of personal honesty

comes forth &

washes the face of all its

ability to lie through the

mirrored reflection &

this is…


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the hierophiliacs

had a crush on good ol’

“jesus,” but being that he

was all made up, s/he had

to settle for the

“jackhammer jesus,”

a big strong dildo

invented to make one

cum in the name of the


now, her/his best friend

had always wanted


but much like “jesus,”

he was fake too, so

s/he had to settle for a

big fat butterball of a

blow up doll,

shaped like…


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