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the development of dead eyes

most people trouncing round the empire

walk with a sense of respect built by

the accumulation of things,

built by the constant reassertion of one’s

personality publicly,

pronouncing themselves a




as defined by these terms alone---


and the western world raps its head against the brick wall incessantly this way into a completely successful sense of oblivion.


but for those…


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vain artists & arrogant intellectuals

sitting across from each other

the vain artist insists that what they are doing

has never been done before

that what they have just created is something truly


that which brings with it no remnant of prior influence &

therefore no credit to be given to anyone else---

the arrogant intellectual

masturbates alone to the ideas they have &

like style nazis they goosestep with pointing fingers

insisting to us all…


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the intervention

the man lay dying &

like many men before

he was suddenly surrounded by an

intervening troupe

whose mission it was to make him

like them

“before it was too late”---


whether or not “too late,”

is a measurable amount of time,

outside the obvious notion that

one’s death is one’s death,

all she wrote, etc. etc.,

understand that there are those

that believe there is a life beyond…


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twas the night before december 25th

twas the night before 12/25, and all through the country

not a believer was praying, not even mitt romney.

s&m gear amassed in closets where stored,

awaiting the moment “santa” showed, to commence the beatings

once more.


the children were awake, because they just couldn’t sleep,

scared that in every shadow lurked a horny catholic priest.

and mamma with her PVC, and i with my strap,

were trying out new safe-words, before a…


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kudos to TIME

nothing solidifies a movement

like the commercialization &

exploitation of its members---

watch them be plastered,

nameless & stirring in the moment

as if next year will be different---

for this year’s

“TIME magazine’s person of the year” is

“the protestor”---

and the story plays out

with clapping hands from the establishment

here in the bosom of world hegemony

“america the beautiful”



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the sufferer

a statement:


“father, my faith is fleeting---i

simply cannot shake these questions

inside which plague me to no

end---i feel that all the things in this

world which made sense to me

under the power of god have begun

to fall apart & the truth that once

was, which i once held onto---

it is fading…vanishing.”


a response:


“my son, do not fret---the lord god…


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a welcome home

as the hypocrite talking head

seeking re-election in 2012

tells us all that this empire (which continues to wield its

sledge hammer upon the world)

this “land of the free”

(who demands that all others follow in its





is one which “unlike the old empires,”

does not force its will upon the people of this planet

“for territory or resources,”

a soldier watching



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Hitch, 62

not much can be said that he didn’t say

concerning the passion that he shouted without a moment of


at the forces in this world that he saw to be wrong,

as well as the idiots who claimed to know what was


to see him argue was to reignite within oneself the

love for human conversation &

to see how ideas can be made to be expressed

without the need of bludgeoning another over the head

with a…


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plan C

dear ms.

roman catholic

secretary sebilius---

are you aware of what you have done to the young women

living within the borders of the

empire, today?

are you aware that your




have led you to stand in front of young women the nation over &

assert that they NOT be allowed

control of their bodies

in this supposed

“land of the free.”




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the babbler (trying their hardest to convince themselves of what they claim to believe in public)

saying to one who does not feel

that there is anything beyond this

momentary pubic hair of existence

that “there has to be something more” &

that “there has to be something

mysterious” & “that there has to be

something greater” & then directly

following that truckload of fallacious

statements by informing your

conversational pal that “it” speaks to

you personally on a daily basis, that

its plans have…


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4.54 billion years

probably long enough to








probably long enough











probably long…


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The Shroud of Urine

after swilling as much sicera

as he could pound down

a middle ages drunk stood over in the


somewhere in the alley behind the


whipped it out, closed his eyes &

flushed out all his toxins down upon

what he thought was the ground---

turns out there was a pile of cloths stuffed

in the crevice between the building &

the ground adjacent to it.


the cloth dried in the sun…


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coaches & catholic clergy

as the kids begin to come out


to declare the violation of their innocence to the world

so that finally these pompous pedophiliac pederasts

can be dragged out of their lairs in order to face the world for

what they are

(not what they claim to be)---

the coaches twitch like the catholic clergy,

presently pissing their practice pants &

“holy” getups

in hopes that they will not be the next on…


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rudiments of the day progress like every other

matches burning 1 by 1 so quick

one can lose count &

if the practice is to tally up the path to death

step by step by step

(as if the physical attributes of age will not knock on the

door daily), then by all means,


even so, the pain grows within,

as the human disintegrates

so comes the disease

so comes the long term side-effects of

short term,…


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