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for the holiday suicides

ever hear those obnoxious individuals claim that a lot of

people killing themselves around the

“holidays” is a myth?

ever see them walk with self-righteousness

as if they shouldn’t be bothered with the very idea that others in this world

might not share their abundant joy

when it comes to the genocide of native-americans or

the “birth” of a fictional character?


isn’t it ironic that what can be claimed as a myth so quickly…


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holiday gluttony

as america’s gluttons gear up for a day of

mass stuffing of the face

to celebrate the

genocide of native-americans in this country

one can’t help but find the dual-speak

concerning the

need to be








to be a humorous inner monologue which plagues the minds of those who

stand in the check out line at the grocery store

flipping through the glossy mags

hoping that one…


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the ordeal

there was a time

back when people believed that dragons

roamed the country side,

back when kids were scared of the

trolls in the forest,

back when the world was flat &

everything in the sky revolved around this

big rock,

where the cauldron of water was set over a

fire &

a small stone was thrown inside---

as the water boiled,

bubbling hot & spitting,

you would be made to stuff your bare arm…


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rational awe

a non-believer in the great fictions,

the ridiculous notions of the organized

religions of the world

does not walk around

without the ability to experience the

wonder of this world

this only world

in which we exist for an extremely brief


the ability to be rational &

to appreciate the wonder

does not come in some kind of

perverted package deal

with a belief in something outside…


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dear figurehead of the empire

whose puppet strings are pulled by the moneyed interests of the

world &

not just one nation,

how transparent can one be,

how audacious,

when demanding that all people across the periphery

submit to the will of this pretend



had anyone asked if the empire had no sway in the

asian pacific?

hasn’t the big long erect american penis stretched itself beyond…


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it begins

the empire has had enough---

having pandered to those occupying for 2 months now,

standing cute & subtle beside, avoiding aggression

so as to avoid unfavorable photo-ops with those


so as to avoid having the footage being posted on youtube &

other places on the net---

now the evictions, the tearing up & the throwing away of

people’s property has begun

the lawyers representing zuccotti have got a restraining…


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greener (screaming from the soapbox)

our color of survival in this country

that which will outlast the empire

that which will give us hope again

is much more green than

anything else---

where 14 million (on the books) are

out of work,

where anger is at an all time high,

where the homeless population of

one american city has gone through the roof

(40,000+ & that is only the number of those

in shelters),

and so many others will…


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the wingers

one points the finger at the other

telling it that it knows all about what

s/he stands for & on this side

the winger states all the aspects of her/his

parameters & the details, suggestions &

manufactured ways of understanding all

add up to a perfect little box

which only changes when the greater group

says so.


marching in line behind the rest

one winger stares across the way at its



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good stuff*

thank you mr. obama &

mr. sarkozy

for revealing to us your humanity

in denouncing the insanity of

mr. netanyahu,

even if it cost you both major points in the






it was quite refreshing to hear that even the two of you

are fed up with his


if only you would speak more like this

when unaware that the microphones were on

so that the world would get…


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the question is not

“if,” but when the Israeli government decides to

attack Iran,

just what do you think you’ll be doing?


will you be home watching afternoon television,

maybe “The Talk,” or “Anderson Cooper,”

guzzling down Coca-Cola & stuffing yourself full of

garlic knots or

cheese balls?


will you be picking your kids up from school?

slaving away overtime at work?

making sweet love to…


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the resurrectionists

in the future when all the 2012

prophecies have been exposed

as frauds, when all the idiots

thinking their specific deity’s

wrath comes in a package deal

that coincidentally includes all

the aspects of human created

problems (global warming,

nuclear war, etc.), when technology

has progressed to the point where

human biology has been exceeded

by computational intelligence,

when nanotech has provided…


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that which cannot be traced

which cannot be found

which cannot be leaked

which cannot be jailed or

beaten in the streets

that which cannot be located

by the newest technology on the


that which cannot be ratted on by

its members

that which only blossoms in

membership spontaneously, without


that which is impulsive

that which is secure in the acts

walloping down upon…


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itching legs & yahweh

the young boy had told his mother

he thought he was allergic to ivory soap,

in fact, he’d told her the night before---

but come sunday morning

all the care in the world couldn’t keep him

from being dragged to church

where the zombies sing in tones that couldn’t be

dreamt up to have any likeness less than that of a

poor cat being torn up in a blender

(whose screams & howls could probably still ignite more

interest in…


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ستكون فلسطين حرة!

as you watch the puppet ms. nuland try & babble her way out of

a media war zone,

explaining to reporters who do not believe a word coming from her mouth,

we, the people watching,

the people who care about those suffering under

occupation in Palestine,

have won today!!!



over 100 countries decided that the time has finally come to grant the people of Palestine some…


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good ol’ gibbs

good ol’ staff sergeant calvin gibbs

(whose dick just wasn’t big enough at home,

who couldn’t make it bigger with a big truck or a large

stereo like the other boys),

tried to compensate for it by joining the military

& going to a foreign land,

in his case, afghanistan---

here he was able to parade his itty bitty wittle weiner around,

wagging the pip-squeak in front of defenseless civilians

at the head of a kill team who found…


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