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hurricane halloween

sucks to be a kid

on a hurricane halloween,

where putting on the

costume to trick or treat

really doesn’t make much

sense, because along with the

whole getup,

you got to fit your little self into

some waders or rain boots at the

least &

slosh through the shit

with an angry parent or

some kind of psychotic chaperone

who’s obviously got a deathwish

of sorts---

with the flood waters…


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scary sandy & the good lil’ believers

there are idiots who get

excited when they hear that a

storm is approaching,

they smile & secretly wish for

the end---

in the past few days

when hurricane Sandy has been

ripping up the Caribbean,

religious psychos of all shapes &

sizes, no matter how far from the

water they live, have been

rejoicing, either saying aloud

to the rational:

“see, “gawd is angry!  he’s gonna

bringun’ dawn his…


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the sap

on the reference of a

friend who used to be

close, s/he asks the cartomancer

to come to the house---

as this is not a privilege

often granted to those whose cards

are to be read (so the “reader”

claims), extra funds are required

to lure her in &

the sap in question feels that the

frustrations of his/her life have led

them to this place

of concentrated desperation &




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november 7th (the morning after)

and after all the money spent on


the american public, and after all

the lies broadcasted all over the

screens, and after all the gas prices

dropped, and after all the fingers

have been pointed, the pundits have

jizzed all over the place,

finally that “democratic” climax

erupted & all those who flooded

the ballot box (even in this day)

woke up the next morning to find



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age 5

at age 5

s/he woke up scared in the

early morning, with a notion

that momma thought should’ve

been more complex for him/her

to fear or understand or

at least come to terms with

at such an early moment in


“i’m going to die, mom…i’m

going to die…”


s/he kept on repeating it

with precious tears streaming

which carried the innocence of

a child that held an…


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issues over personalities

imagine now if we could shelf the


the faces of liars, the pocketed charlatans,

imagine now if we could

stop the ads, stop the speeches,

stop the funding, stop the campaigns,

stop the illusion of hope

vested in a smile, a nod, a salute, a

good hairdo or the mention of the word


imagine if we americans,

we “leaders of the free world”


were to have issues precede…


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into pieces


washes away

all the hopes &

dreams, it

eliminates all the

divisions between

us, it pulls us all

down to the core


of which we were

mistakenly birthed,

it takes away the

value that we naïvely

put on this short

withering life, it

takes the kin, it takes

the dog, it takes the

bird, it takes the pet

fish & all the insects



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Salinder’s Mammoth

an 11 year old

Russian boy

finds the mammoth

carcass which

scientists claim at

early analysis to be

almost complete &

30,000 years old.


“6 feet 6 inches tall &

1,100 pounds it had

been at 16 years” &

upon reading this

a frantic believer in the

faulty organized

fictions of the world

scrambles through their

little special book,

desperately trying…


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Happy 2000

and so we have

over 2000 US

soldiers dead now in


add those deaths to

the 17,000+ that

have been wounded,

with limbs ripped

off & psychological

damage beyond

imagination &

you get a number

well over the

3000 that died in

the 9/11 attack

11 years ago…


the question is,

do we need the death

toll of american soldiers

to exceed that…


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