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faith alone

by faith alone

the courage is gained

to strap c4 to the chest

& proceed to walk up the

stairs of a bus holding folks

you & your cult doesn’t like.


by faith alone

the courage is summoned

to make bomb threats, kidnap,

stalk, assault & if you & your

fetus-hugging buddies are

lucky, to successfully murder

those that feel a woman should

have the right to what she wants



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stumbling upon a case of a christian minister or priest

who took his sweet time to violate the innocence of

one or several little kids who will never be able to wash

themselves clean of the disease with which such a monster

crept along the sewer floor with is like


fish in a


unraveling like an old rope, the dominos fall & story upon story upon

story of…


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keep up the momentum!

for those that are finally in the streets

keep up the momentum!

for those that have come to the conclusion that something must be done to stop the greed that is strangling the countries we live in

keep up the momentum!

for those that no longer believe the lies told to us by our governments

keep up the momentum!

for those that no longer have a job, healthcare, or even a home, but somehow throw their fists up in the direction of the 1% in the US day…


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the puppet that everyone is said to

throw their frustrations at like animals

flinging their excrement without a

second thought, smiles out at us on our

glowing screen to instruct those that

doubted the tyranny & oppression so

very evident amongst our own people

here in the “land of the free,” here

in the “greatest country in the world,”

blessed by “god,” unashamed of its

strangling of every other walk of life…


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the misery index

add inflation & unemployment stats,

(its highest level in 28 years)

an absence of universal healthcare,

(its highest level in 28 years)

foreclosures, lost pensions, dead 401K’s, etc.

(its highest level in 28 years)


(its highest level in 28 years)

you get a whole lot of angry people

(its highest level in 28 years)

waiting for something to happen---

(its highest level in…


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when facing that stone of Sisyphus

rolling back down towards you: FIGHT

when disease rears its ugly mug during the

grain-of-sand-split-second-moment we

call life: FIGHT

when everything you have worked for your

entire existence is stolen from you in a

flash: FIGHT

when you’re told that if you do not obey

that you, your loved ones & any future you

may possibly have is in jeopardy unless

you get down on your knees:…


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quick submission (relinquishing the will & gulping down the kool-aid)

have you a cough? 

are you ill?

is something just not working the way it should

under the hood?


“believe what we believe & all will be better”


have you seen a tragedy that you just can’t understand?

have you wondered why there is so much violence in the world?

have you wanted peace at any cost, just to make it right?


“believe what we believe & all will be better”


do you feel that those…


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The Opening of the Eyes

humpty has moved up to the wall &

all the kings horses, men, soldiers, fighter planes and drones

are focused on further strangling iran,

they are denying a palestinian state

they are backing the further settlements of israel

they are focused on running for the throne of the empire in 2012

and as business as usual continues

they march on as cogs in the disturbing, self-destructive machine

which has not learned a thing from…


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transparency (another puppet in the puppet show)

when mr. hope & change ran for leader of the empire,

he filled those so desperate

with hopes that were ungrounded,

if not completely false---

for if you walk like a politician &

you talk like a politician,

far be it for this writer to doubt that you are anything but a


one who in this country that is decrepit, desecrated & drowning in debt,

has sold the very inner core of themselves to the



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without your resurrection

your mathew, mark,

luke & john did NOT

agree on the what, where, when, how, & why

of your saviour’s demise---

such a big lie is believed so much longer &

with an intensity so much stronger implemented than that of the

most vicious


as four “writers” sitting in four different rooms

at four different periods of time

with no phone, no internet, no iphone,

not even a couple of cans & a piece…


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wrapped up in the magnificent allure of the eye

growing up,

s/he had been told that

“the eyes were the windows to the soul” &

as quickly as these things inevitably happen,

s/he decided for her/himself that this “soul” thing

was strictly a matter of imagination,

knowing full well that one had about as much of a chance in attaining such a thing

as one did throwing up fists full of sand into the mouth

when having thought only a moment ago,

the oasis was in fact a pool of…


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the water in the teapot

the water in the teapot is boiling &

the top is rattling---

as the hot steam begins to bubble out

the piercing scream is coming---

14+ million out of work

no universal health insurance

foreclosures upon foreclosures

(just in time for the “holiday season”) &






while the mainstream media does its best

to avoid the happenings within the belly of this empire,



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business as usual

mr. mccain (remember him?  yes, he’s still alive & still a sold-out withering shell of a man)

steps up to the pulpit &

belts out into the mic that will be broadcasted round the world,

saying that libya is an inspiration for those in



and even those in beijing & russia?



(go to youtube and watch this withering maggot speak, do it for yourself because nobody

can really depict what a puppet…


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