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mr. red line


drawing his

red line on

a cartoon bomb

in front of the UN,

in front of the world,

in front of your very

eyes, if you

give a shit at all &

he will not stop the

settlements & he will

not stop strangling the

last bits of life out of

Gaza & he will not

pause for even a moment’s

breath from beating

on the war drum,

with the neck…


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V-DAY 2013

“The United Nations

Development Fund for Women

estimates that at least

one of every three women globally

will be beaten, raped or otherwise

abused during her lifetime.


1 billion women &

men who feel that

violence against women

across the world has to end

will go on strike

this coming

February 14th,…


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all the followed

imagine if all your heroes,

all your idols, all your

“spiritual leaders,” who

have supposedly written books

(or had books written for them/

by them), whose “lives” have

been depicted as such by those

who never lived when they lived,

who never saw what these

people were supposed to look like,

who tell us that they themselves

never had even an iota of

ulterior motive

in the making of these…


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until you publish that book

that they find on the store shelves,

you are not a writer &

until you record that song

that they hear on the charts,

you are not a musician &

until you play that part

that they find in the movie in the


you are not an actor &

until you pay that money to go to

that college,

you are not a student &

until you go on a diet & buy those



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focus of a madwo/man

just how many psychotics

have we had to endure

passing through our lives

since the lies began being

told?  how many madwo/men

quoting “scripture” as if it

validated their acts, as if their

lives had been determined, as

if “fate” had driven them

in the direction of something

total, something that would

eventually ring true, in light

of all that had been

“in the way of ‘the lord’?”




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all the rage

“you know, it takes a fictional character

to know one,”

“jesus” said to “muhammad,”

whilst sitting at the picnic table,

passing the sweet sun tea,

simultaneously &

non-verbally, “telepathically”

motioning to mr. claus

that though the mashed lacked

the thorough whipping that he

himself desired,

they sure were buttery &

with that,

a tip of the “crown of thorns was


so as to…


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song to bring children up to date on “the Iran situation” (to be sung to the tune of “B-I-N-G-O”)

there’s a country that’s gonna end the world &

Israel is its name-o





& Israel is its name-o.


there’s a greedy empire that’s gonna help it out &

the US is its name-o





& the United States of America is its name-o.


there’s a man in the White House that…


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out with a bang

johnny decided he wanted to

go out with a bang,

sure, he figured that he could

drop a couple bottles of pills or

put a pistol to his head, but the

drama just wasn’t there &

to make the world listen he had

to up the stakes, he had to

really work at it,

so he thought, “why not let the

crazies do me in?”


he sat down & started to draw

cartoons that ridiculed

“muhammad,”“ jesus,”…


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some think they’re bulletproof,

some think they’ll never wake up

with a sickness they can’t explain,

some think none of their loved ones

will ever die,

some think they’ll never lose their


some think their house will continue

to increase in value,

some think there property will always

be secure,

some think that their company will

always be on top,

some think that their kids will go to



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the layoff

more the norm than the exception

in this wonderful capitalist rape room

where coming into work can mean

leaving early without a job & a

pink slip, with a pat on the back & a

“thanks for being such a good worker”---

armed with all the facetious nonsense

that emanates from the mouths of

higher-ups, whose jobs are just a little

more secure than your own,

making them bent further over the table

with the drill…


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so stevie harper closed an

embassy & sent some people

back to Iran, now, you think

that Iran is going to strike





word on the street,

spewing forth out of the mouths

of the world’s policeman

like the most disgusting of

vomit & all its buddies

(and all those fucking terrified

of it & its little batshit psychotic

little brother) puking in

unison, is…


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the deathbed conversion

when the sick one laying there

looked around for their “loved ones,”

all they saw were white coats &

when the white coats left them,

all they saw were white walls &

when they squinted their little eyes

closed, to try & talk to

“him” (whatever fictional character(s)

that they’d devoted a large portion of

their life to---typically the latter “i’m

dying” years),

all they got was silence---



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no signs of a struggle

was told that if s/he studied

hard in high school, not taking time

out to party, that she’d get into

college &

there were

no signs of a struggle.


was told that if s/he did well in

college, when s/he got out, s/he’d

get a good job, be able to pay back

all his/her loans & would be able

to build a good life &

there were no signs of a struggle.


was told that if s/he worked…


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reduction of the “hero”

sees him on television

marching in the shows that

glorify war by painting so-called

“heroism,” as anything but

being hired killers.


sees her in the advert prior to

the violence ridden film, when

the life of a soldier in the

american military comes with

a rock song behind it &

a pastiche of bringing clean

water, holding babies, smiling

with their thumbs up &

palling around for photo…


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babbling dirty harry

crusty ol’ Clint

pausing & gesturing,

babbling & rambling

through what others have

deemed a “speech”---

talking to that

empty chair on stage

in front of all the hopeful

repugnicans (a room full

of predominantly old white

people…some even wearing

stuffed animal hats), hinting

at profanity that might come

from the mouth of president

hope & change, as if he

might be different…


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