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the solution human

beware of s/he who tells you that they have


something that we all haven’t seen before

something that we are told by them that we haven’t thought of on our own before

because anyone vain & self-righteous enough who thinks that they can stand atop a hill


scream from a podium

solutions & decisions

to the rest of us,

as if we were all just part of their little herd

waiting on their every…


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and so mr. romney

mr. richie-rich-i’ve-got-a-kingdom-of-brainwashed-mormon-lunatics-writhing-in-exstasy-behind-my-every-word


believes that

“the free market enterprise” is that which will save

the fall of the empire &

in yelling from the rooftops

“i believe in capitalism!”





in this crippled, disintegrating,



what will mr. romney &…


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“mathew” 6: 9-13

“our father in heaven

(ode to the man who has children,

sitting around in an imaginary

place envied by other members

of the brainwashed)


“hallowed be your name”

(the sheep that baaaaa in unison

believe that there is a sound made

by all the simultaneous crying in

desperation which has then been

construed as a “name” then given

to the imaginary listener in said



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to secure the homeland

fear of an attack on the anniversary of


has people in the US

twitching & scampering

with the hairs on the back of their necks sticking

straight up &

the government assures everyone

that it has the situation under control

that it is pursuing said suspects with that same quality veracity which

was spent looking for WMD’s that were never found &

bin laden

who took ten years & $4 trillion dollars…


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10 years later

everyone in the world with a pulse knows that it has been

10 years now,

since the big bully of the world

was punched in the stomach---

this was of course a solid punch,

one whose clenched fist of anger had a definitive purpose---

it hit us on “our” land

(land stolen through genocide, whose industry was built through slavery)

it rang true to even the most ignorant

forcing them to ask themselves

“why do they hate…


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