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Israel’s Gift of Slow Death in Gaza

Israel’s government says that Rachel Corrie’s

2003 death in Gaza, was not the fault of the

military whose army bulldozer rolled over her,

stating that it was “an accident she brought

upon herself” & so, was the Palestinian family

who had been living in the home which young

Rachel was standing in front of, put there by



have the Palestinian people who live in Gaza

been doing so by…


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simple math

a nation of increasing unemployment,

severely increasing debt & corporate

greed that does not respect its employees,

treating them like disposable

cogs (to be squeezed for every drop of

blood until dead inside & then cast out

onto the sidewalk).




a culture of violence.




a ready available

.45 caliber shotgun


a manhattan street

(fully equipped…


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believer’s death guilt

when a loved one dies

whilst wallowing in that

savage cesspool of religious

belief---whatever batch it

might be---there may very well

be those especial cretins who

see fit to condemn the amount

of time spent by those grieving

(found to be doing so

within the very same cage as

their fellow prisoners of said

cesspool in question) to be

TOO LONG a period of time


when it gets pointed out…


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uncruel & unusual

and on that day

every supporter of the

death penalty (60% or

so of american idiots)

was ushered into an

execution taking place

with hands tied

behind their backs &

eyes propped open with

safety pins or whatever it

took to keep their

goddamned eyes open

long enough to watch

the slow killing of those

they condemned

to die, with all the

self-righteous certainty of

a sunday…


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of considerable faith


water during the

day to day

during the

9 to five

full of hatred

full of anger

but willed with

the cowardice of

those who hope

there’s a “god”

so as to get

that secret justice

that they so

passionately desire

on a daily basis

when they flick on

the television &

see another

dastardly deed

gone awry

as if it will all

make sense…


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showdown at the UK corral

even though Correa has finally

granted asylum to Julian

so that the empire’s little concubines

in England & Sweden can’t

pass him off to the growling beasts

salivating & waiting in the shadows of

the US (hands twitching fervently

in seething anticipation, all ready to

to torture him far far worse than

Bradley Manning has already been

& inevitably kill him in order to

spread fear to all who might try…


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big brother NYC

3000+ cameras come to

the big apple, echoing the

CCTV of London, furthering

the police state, under the

guise of “fighting terrorism”---

makes this future


wonder if Orwell is rolling over

in his grave &

wonder as well, what will be

coming in the next decade, the

next 20 years or more,

as the empire continues to decline,

spreading its military further by

the day

all over the…


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mr. hope & change is saddened again,

as just a few weeks ago the nation mourned

the deaths of those blown away in a movie


now a skinhead takes out 6 in a Wisconsin

Sikh temple &

yet the refrain is the same---

not only will he not address the real issues at


he sends his little babbling bird, mr. carney,

out to do the dirty work,

telling us that it’s the gangs that kids are

joining, which…


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southern Atheist belle

never did like the southern accent,

no matter how gorgeous the lady was

whose mouth it was coming out of---

always had a preference for the

NYC toughness or the sophisticated-


langue des Londoniens


to be truthful, it wasn’t the accent

but the christ that bubbled out from the

mouths of every individual he

encountered whilst sweltering in

the haze of Tennessee or

the stale…


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and now the policeman picks up his club

uncle sam took a moment to sit down

at the diner counter & shove a couple more

doughnuts down his gullet,

but don’t you worry,

now that Kofi Annan has thrown in the towel,

the big fucking bully of the world

is gonna get its way again---

this time,

Sec. Clinton will no doubt come rumbling out

bantering on about how Putin is the closest thing to

the christian imaginary boogeyman

whose name is just as long as his…


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