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the pipeline

absolutely nothing stops the pipeline.


it penetrates all ways of life

all borders, all villages & towns---

the pipeline kills everything in its path if it dare stand in the way

of its progress---

with black gold funneling back to the

land of the free

who eagerly seeks to waste

every last drop that is left on the globe


within the borders of the US &

nowhere else,

the strongest…


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dim sunlight

the supposed wrath of the coming storm brings with it the

dim sunlight of insanity---



scrambling & tripping over themselves

as if it was all going to


(you see, inside they want it to so very badly that it screams at the rest of us a

loud call upon themselves for mass suicide, because they want to join whatever

creator or next life that they think exists, which they believe in so much,

ignoring this…


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warm milk & cookies

deep down you want it to be different

you want to wake up in the morning with the evidence of your

imaginary friend

right there, in your hand, for all the world to see---

let’s not beat around the bush,

because we both know

you want to take that evidence & run to the top of every hill & proclaim to all those who

doubted &


that yes,

it was all true & that he will be coming back soon,



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bringing guns to a knife fight NSFW EXTREMELY GRAPHIC IMAGE!!

watching the US & its NATO buddies

beat the middle east senseless

until it get its way,

is like watching kids show up on the playground

with semi-automatics,

when the few that they are gonna fight

have a couple of switchblades

between them.



what the big bully wants, the big bully gets.…


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push-ups for jesus

johnny doe you know he did

push-ups for jesus + johnny doe

you know he did one in the morn

after watching porn + keeping his

arms strong in the characters name

he exerted himself for the savior

he did push-ups for jesus + he found

himself getting stronger + yes he did

his push-ups for the man with the

plan the messiah coming back again

+ johnny went down n’ told his

mommy “momma, i’ve just done

my reps for…


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the vomit

if you sit down with that infamous poorly written work of fiction &

you read it cover to cover,

you may not feel a thing---

you may, in fact, simply close the book & toss it in the round file (garbage),

and go about your day,

as if nothing happened at all---

yes, the healthiest you that you can muster,

would do just that.



if you sit down with that infamous poorly written work of fiction &



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the closet-clergy

whether you like it or not, your priest, your pastor, your minister,

your clergyman

of whom you hold the utmost regard,

whose very advice

you secretly tell yourself has been inspired by

the lord your god &

maybe even “jesus” himself,

may in fact hold a very




your clergyman or woman may have come to the



a long time ago,

that what it was that they…


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the egg conversation

one day a christian carnivore &

a vegetarian atheist had a conversation


the christian meat-eater asked the vegetarian


“if you don’t eat meat, do you eat eggs?”


the atheist responded,

“i’m not a vegan, i’m a vegetarian, so, yes, i eat eggs, i

eat cheese---i need to get my protein somewhere”


“but eggs are meat...they are baby chickens,” said the



“um, no, eggs are not…


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P is for


pitiful &



peddling his

propaganda by

preying on the


painting a

picture of the



politician,” who


prays for


professing his



pledges to the


party leaders,

potential donors &

practioners in his



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psalm XXIII

your lord is your shepherd (baaaaa)

you shall not want (he tells you what to do & you do it)

he lies you down in green pastures (sloppy lawn sex & bestiality)

he leads you alongside the water (as if you needed help in doing so)

he restores your soul (not hard to replenish something that never existed to begin with)

he leads you down a path of righteousness in

his name’s sake (to go down any other path…


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Character Assassination

A man in his mid-thirties with blue eyes and longish blond hair shakes his head awake to find himself in a dark room.  The only light in the room is one shining down from above, and as the dizziness wears off, he looks down to see that unable to move his legs, arms or neck, he is strapped in a hard wooden chair.  His eyes move around the room, looking for any kind of answer as to how he got there.  But it is so very quiet.  With no clocks and no windows to show daylight, he has no…


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black snakeroot, yew, cocklebur, poison (ivy, oak, parsnip, sumac, ryegrass, hemlock), blister bushes, daffodil, mayapple, lilium, jerusalem cherry, indian licorice, deadly nightshade, christmas rose, bleeding heart, asparagus berries, wolfsbane, tomato leaves, doll’s eyes, the suicide tree, young larkspur, blue-green algae, stinkweed, dumbcane, european spindle, blind-your-eye mangrove, manchineel, laburnum, mother of millions,…


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despite what you might have been told when you rolled out of the womb,

you need not ask


to live.


despite those around you that tell you that if you don’t submit to their demands,

you need not ask


to live.


despite the threats that come with the assertion of your freedom in the face of oppression,

you need not ask


to live.


despite all the supposed…


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A Day in the Life of the Death of God

I dream of the true death of God, of all gods, of all faiths, of all needs for such faiths & of all the oppression of peoples, destruction of freedoms & outright brutally horrific violence brought upon our species as a result of religion. 


I dream of stepping outside my abode one day to find that all the physical manifestations of religion have been removed from our lives & that we no longer have to see evidence of any of those superstitions, those devoted cults…


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