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the s-u-c-k-i-n-g song

Romney & Obama phoning Tel Aviv,









I. first comes Iron Dome.

($70 million dollars MORE of

US taxpayers money going straight

into Israel’s military defense)


II. then comes Jerusalem.

(Romney, down on his knees with

Netanyahu in his mouth, proclaims that

Jerusalem IS in fact the capital of

Israel, even though the rest of the world



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no epitome

there was a time when

the delusional

blamed what they termed


on “creatures,” “spirits” &


all were meant to terrify

the living whilst at the same

time making them comfortable

in knowing that they had

imagined the most horrible things

that could possibly be &

in doing so,

their world made sense again.


the unknown (source of

their actual fear) was so…


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the performer


wakes up one early morn

with a brand new personal plausible

excuse &

this will be the answer of all

answers for

her/him, so that s/he may

beat upon the drum

a new web of madness &

stir the masses like a

shit covered stick in a bowl of



religion & religion alone

lets the madwo/man find their

way, endeavoring to take on

the cause of others with…


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his hair was dyed red

the world watches Holmes

sit “dazed” in the courtroom,

with each mainstream media


churning out the sound bites

referencing his eyes & his

red hair---

the picture that goes viral is

of course the one that can

be likened most to something

out of Heath-Ledger-as-The-


visually answering questions

for the people at home,

because we all know that

individuals who dye…


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you believed

how does it feel to have been a


after all, you voted for mr. hope &

change, after rallying behind him,

after believing that he would be

different than all the others, after

seeing his wondrous smile, after

getting butterflies in your stomach

when he came near, when you saw

him speak in front of tens of

thousands, when you drove such a

long way to listen to him, after you

went door to door for…


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viral tragedy

oh our western privileged lives

are so boring

so mundane that

we keep our eyes glued to the screens,

be them big or small,

wide or tall,

compact or filling the


these visual mishaps,

fresh new catastrophes,

murder rates, serial killers,

rapes, burning villages,

dead bodies strewn on the ground,

floods, oil spills, lightening striking

where the tornadoes &

the hurricanes haven’t…


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so, another shooting in

the belly of the empire…


i wonder if Charlton Heston’s

withery old cock just

sprung to life?


i wonder if Ted Nugent &

Charlton Heston are sitting in

front of the television together

stroking each other’s hard hard

members with one hand,

whilst gripping their guns in the



i wonder if James Holmes grew up

in the same culture that



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all “god’s” plan

without regret

Zimmerman took

the life of a young boy &

now looks back on it

as if it was all part of

his imaginary “god’s”

plan & regardless of

whether or not said

judeo-christian sitting in

front of their boob tube,

buried in the July-heat-

smoldering (couldn’t

be global warming) empire,

thinks that


did in fact kill Trayvon,

or that Zimmerman is a



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tomatoes for hillary

wish i could have been

in Egypt

earlier today, to join in

throwing tomatoes &

chanting “Monica! Monica!

Monica!” with those who

were disgusted by Sec. of

State Clinton’s arrival to

help beef up american

companies in the newly

submissive country,

under the guise of the need

to help bolster the economy

of Egypt.


parading outright falsity

promulgated by her own



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when we who do not


use the name of this

fictional character

whom you base your own

life on

“in vain,” as you might

tell us after the fact,

we will not be



no matter how politely or


you present your need to

hear no dissenting opinion

within a 20 mile radius of

your little terrified town---

with no big bearded man in

the sky, no…


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religion goes

the way of the dinosaur


the fear of death is overcome

by technological advancements

curing disease &

rebuilding cells, tissue,

killing off what had once been

referred to as “aging,”

meshing humans with


creating the transhuman

species, which will

inevitably either be

slaves for the AI’s

who have become the



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naaaaa, couldn’t be global warming

as state after state begins to boil &

the people of this country begin to sweat,

swelter & roast

under these oppressive heat waves, the

National Weather Service

issues excessive heat advisories

like it was “handing out speeding tickets at

the Indy 500”

because the temperatures there have grown

to highs of 110 F or higher &

this has become the norm for more than a

third of the country’s people just in…


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being able to find focus

& when that focus is

attained, being able to

sustain it & continue

with a probing head on

one’s shoulders & then

to be able to enjoy every

new moment of discovery,

discovery that is personal &

yet so beautiful & wondrous,

because the want to discover,

the want to fill one’s heart &

mind with new ideas & new

emotions connects us with

the rest…


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310+ & 71.1 billion dollars

if you live in the US,

the belly of the world’s policeman,

you live with over

310 tax exempted religions---

that’s over 310 groups of

idiots, who get to practice their idiocy

without paying taxes---

it’s estimated that the annual


which is lost by NOT taxing these



$71.1 billion




think for a second

just what this country could do with…


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asylum for katie

don’t get me wrong,

i could give a shit about

katie holmes,

katie cruise,

katie holmes-cruise or

kate noelle holmes,

as Wiki would have her.


but one must find asylum

for katie, as she is being

hunted down by the

scientologist sea-soldiers

whose drones parade the world

with a special kind of

madness &

after dropping tommy like a

bad habit,

she’s joined the unique…


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absence of an ideological sameness

the big picture will roll around

found within the romantic bliss

of one & another’s initial journey,

where questions that are not simple

get asked of the other, to establish

some kind of “spiritual” center

in the person laying there in the bed beside

or across the table in a fine restaurant---

for those of us whose “center” is hollow,

for those of us whose “center” is merely

a mish-mash of tendons, muscles,…


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ode to Brian Griffin,

for though he may be

a cartoon dog,

whose presence graces

the halls of Family Guy,

he is an Atheist dog,

the first of its kind

who keeps a gun & a

bottle of scotch in his

safety deposit box

for the day when HE

decides this place is too

much & chooses to end it.


though he may be a shitty


a male chauvinist of sorts &

occasionally he…


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