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in the absence of a cliffhanger

as our congregation of lying nitwits & corporate whores

beat the drum incessantly


bringing pain to the eardrums of the

american people,

with all their fingers in the pies of the media

sending cues to the hollow reporters who are

pretending to ponder every next “move” of

the republicans & the democrats

(two puppet hands from the same puppeteer, whose

eyes never leave the prize---that of more…


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after declining to succumb to the

romantic notions of

mr. majid mohavedi,


a once beautiful Iranian Woman,

ran from him

while he relentlessly stalked her for

two years until he found her &

threw a bucket of acid on her face,

melting all of her physical beauty away &

blinding her

completely in


after 17 surgeries,

she is still blind &

she will be for the rest of her…


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not an exit

not an exit: your faith is not an exit as there are others around you who still have to endure living with you until you are dead & until that day when you finally go you have to live with the rest of us you cannot simply relinquish your responsibilities & walk towards the light because news flash: the light is not there, no, there is no big red sign over a door that specifically allows you & you alone to run from your troubles you can pump your veins full of everything…


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violent equation

violent equation




fundamentalist conservative christian


guns & ambition

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i am the lord your god & all that is wrong

in the world has been spawned by a fallen angel of whom

i created so that he would tempt humankind into madness---

if you have a bone to pick, please pick it with him,

for that is his purpose,

a purpose which is an integral part of my overall plan,

a plan wherein you & you


are still a vitally important character---


so keep on worshipping me

though you…


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complete & utter gibberish

that there is a personal something out there

something greater than what you can see, hear, touch, smell, taste,

study, test & validate through rigorously systematic rational


that this personal something cares about what your life specifically entails

on a daily basis

wherein what you as a little pubic hair in the great great great universe

somehow matter more than what your short life actually entails---

that this…


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The Foxhole

There are those that still say that there are no Atheists in foxholes.  Firstly, one should point out that the amount of foxholes is declining rapidly.  So much of the big policeman of the world’s baton brandishing over the head of countries that will not do what they are told, is now done by comfortable family folk sitting in some office in Arizona, where after kissing their significant other and grabbing their lunchbox, they’re off to kill a few hundred in a drone attack as if they were…


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the disappearing veil of christian politeness

when a christian is laughing along with you


enjoying your presence,

at work or while in a social context


then somehow by some random comment

the fact that you do not believe in the work of fiction they abide by


worship that infamous underdeveloped dramatic character from


as they do,

you may get to see a human face quickly wrinkle up in disgust or anger

as if a pug

was crossbred…


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the bigger they are...

old, rich, white & wrinkly---

the kind of guy 

who you would pick out

of a lineup if there was

an ad for a television show

about to come out called

“the man,” as in that proverbial

cold hearted corporate tyrant who

will stop at nothing to profit from the

suffering of others through the hustling

and outright looting of anyone in his path,


he began chomping up newspapers like pac

man in the…


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the great american witch hunt

since may 2010,

before any kind of trial at all has taken place,

bradley manning rots in solitary


“being denied exercise, any kind of social

interaction & sunlight” as well as often

“being kept completely naked”

clearly undergoing what some have rightly called


julian assange’s life is threatened on a



& if no one kills him before he is imprisoned for…


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there are those non-believers who




deep down inside

that there was a


some place that they could go to when it’s all over

which would answer all their questions &

unite them with all their loved ones &




right &

wouldn’t you know it,

they just can’t quite believe in the garbage that

religion gives them

& they…


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anything with a mother & a dead child

now that the casey anthony extravaganza is


the vultures begin to fly round the carcass

wanting in on whatever bit of

rotting meat

is leftover---

anthony is said to make at least $750,000 from

a book deal, while the television & movie industry is

foaming at the


eagerly awaiting her release

(actually it doesn’t even matter if she gets released, as she

is free to sign on to any financial…


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dearest mr. pascal

could it possibly have been the tumor in your stomach

which then spread to your brain,

finally killing you

on august 19th, 1662,

which led to your shameless “wager”

which believers have used in an endless attempt to




all of us who simply cannot digest the babblings of your


your traditions & your


and not some kind of religious…


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my love for the devil

whether you believe in ha-satan,

the hebrew “adversary,” or satan/lucifer,

the christian “fallen angel” that rebelled against

“god,”or perhaps iblis, the muslim jinn who didn’t bow down

to the fictional character “adam” & who spends its time

trying to corrupt man & woman,

the end result is all the same---

you have something to fear at all times of the



not only do you…


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sweet sweet disconnect


scientology has

deemed you an

enemy for being

antisocial, for




getting in the way

of the



others---you are now

a suppressive person (SP),

you bring the whole

bloody cult down, don’t

ya know you…


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On Independence Day

our “founding fathers” did not father


because if i had been approached to sign a

“declaration of independence”

from an empire that committed atrocities against me,

of which me & my buddies were able to

list on parchment,

then i would think that those same buddies of mine

would be able to include the ¼ th of the document

excluded in its final publishing,

wherein the atlantic slave trade had been…


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shedding god

when you have shed your “god,”

like old dead skin,

it will fall away off your body---

decaying & no longer relevant in any way

to the rest of your healthy


you will feel cleaner than you ever have before, simply because

there is nothing out there already established as


which claims that you have “sinned” or that you

constantly do wrong, consequently being in need…


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