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ticket outta here

dear Canada,

dear France,

dear Australia,

dear UK &

to the other countries of the

world who are in the

process of using their

governmental structure to

alleviate the

health care catastrophes

within their own borders,

by taking up the whole of

the financial burden to

provide their own citizens

with the ability to stay


without becoming broke…


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the expanse

great minds

not lured in by the need

to assert power over


but yet to invigorate

themselves &



hand the baton of

knowledge, practice,

discovery, utilization &


from hand to hand

(as one dies the next

begins---like one candle

lighting another


in an ever expanding


when staring out…


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give it up for Neil

out there in our world

there are brilliant individuals

whose minds are incredible,

awesome & inspiring,

bearing thoughts, ideas &

theories, which many of us

wouldn’t be able to fathom

if the thinker her/himself

sat down at our breakfast table

& spoon fed it to us

like we were good little Gerber



there are funny wo/men out

there also,

who with one quick quip…


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the 11th hour (a plea to Rafael)

please Mr. Correa,

strong & admirable

President of Ecuador,

who kicked the US

military out of your

country & cut the

money flow from the

US Embassy which had

selected police officers

in your country, paying

them off to do the bidding

of the empire within your

borders---setting an

amazing precedent

for countries everywhere!!

you & your country have

been a bastion of…


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an incredulous intelligence

sharing 98.2% of the same DNA

with the chimpanzees who

caged amongst us mighty humans,

sit there for our amusement,

scratching their ass &

waiting for the next kid in the zoo

to press their stupid face up to the


we march around as if our


was something special,

never pondering for a moment

that while we treat those so very much

like us

with an embarrassing lack…


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accusing the war criminal

when the “dignitary,”

the president or the lesser puppet

stands down from their post

to “write” their book &

blab on the lecture circuit,

those who remember the bloodshed

of which their administrations

were responsible

make their way to the front

to grab the mic & point the finger

at the figurehead of


the button pushing, torturous

unfeeling robots,

who continue to lead our…


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will the Palestinian children of Gaza

who get sicker by the day

from drinking the polluted water

(caused by the Israeli government’s

Operation Cast Lead 2008-2009

bombing of Gaza, which obliterated

the sewage system there, subsequently

leaking poisonous anemia & cancer-

causing nitrate levels into the water

system, with a blockade still running

that keeps the people of Gaza from

having any access to clean…


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empty are the talking heads




are the talking heads

shouting at the masses---

“if you’re working, you

shouldn’t be poor in america,”

says mr. hope & change,

yet how many of us are working

for less than what the rest of the

west pays their workers?


mr. $200-$250 million net worth

tells us that the wage we get paid

should change as to the rate of

inflation & yet

since 1968, with the…


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pick up the torch

had Julian been even a sparkle in his

mom’s eyes

when Ray put the pen to Fahrenheit 451,

one might have witness the light being


straight from one hand to the next---

from Zamyatin to

Huxley & from Huxley to

Orwell & from Orwell to

Mr. Bradbury & from Mr. Bradbury to

Burgess, from Burgess to Atwood &

onward &

as one picks up the torch,

cranking the floodlights on…


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orchestrated revolt

supporting the anti-communists in

the Soviet Union from

1944 to 1989---

supporting al-Za’im in Syria in


installing Shah Mohammed Reza

Pahlevi in 1953 Iran---

supporting Colonel Carlos Castillo

Armas in 1954 Guatemala---

providing weapons to anti-communist

Tibetans, from the mid-1950’s to the


rounding up & supporting the Laotian

Hmong to fight communists in Laos,

from the…


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the example

while s/he was playing the game

following the rules

doing what her/he was told &

living the life of a

good citizen,

s/he was walking evidence of

a system which had worked,

grinding its gears to churn out the

proper amount of


allegiance &


which kept her/in check &

the people running things


for what they wanted was being done &

so the…


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the slow strangling

on wednesday we’ll find out

via Amnesty International,

just how many Palestinians have been

kept in Israeli prisons

without trial &

though the slow strangling of a people

will not cease,

light will be shed on the stark reality

of Palestine’s imprisoned---

yet as the US continues to

pump funds into its little arms box

in the middle east,

constantly increasing the aid it gives its little brother,



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everything the world does wrong

everything the world does wrong

will have some connection to Iran---

as the media does the bidding of

mr. hope & change n’ his cronies,

everything the world does wrong

will somehow come back to Iran---

until they can manufacture decent looking

“believable” pictures of nukes in Tehran,

or buried in some underground cave

that suspiciously looks a bit too hollywood,


everything the world does wrong



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the things they’ll do to julian

imagine imagine

the things they’ll do to julian---

as mr. assange

genius founder of WikiLeaks

did open the door to

let the light in

on so many lies spread by the governments across the world

who were found naked in the shower

trying to scrub the dirt & blood off their hands

while simultaneously bathing in


he will suffer the worst penalty that the empire can dream up---

it may take 20…


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