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slamming our heads against the wall

say what you will about mr. hope & change

as far as him being a politician & doing the

shady, scummy, dirty & bloody things that

politicians do,

say what you will about him doing all the dastardly deeds for another

4 years,

say what you will about anything ya got to say that’s sour, beautiful or

indifferent about the man,

but mr. ken bennett,

mr. tool-of-the-mormon-rich-white-guy,

residing in good ol’…


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sunday best

see them get all cleaned up

shaven & schellacked 

bearing suits, long long gingham dresses

(hide them alluring ankles)


the shiniest shoes that money can buy,

regardless of whether or not

it set them back---

in their “sunday best”

they go to worship

the splendid characters of fiction

as put down in the big book of bullshit

that has been edited & rewritten,

edited &…


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gregarious garments

uniting farcical flocks all over the world,

gregarious garments, talismans &

little good luck charms required by religions

to ward off “evil spirits,” to separate man

from “god,” or to just protect the fuzzy sheep

from the rest of us heathens,

are donned by believers everywhere

(but kept oh so secret).


the infamous magical mormon underwear

whose mere mention offends the mormons

strike the nonbeliever as an…


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the “neutral”

the bigot walks around the empire

head held high

worrying not in the least about the rights of humans cohabitating

with the rest of us &

as long as the bigot’s opinions are not called into question

s/he goes about her/his day

taking part in the systematic oppression of others

taking part in the denial of rights to others that one unappreciatively holds

themselves &

believing in a illusion of “freedom” &…


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deep in the belly of the empire

where “fights between cats and dogs are prohibited,”

“women must be covered in AT LEAST 16 yards of

cloth at all times,”

“bingo games cannot last over 5 hours unless they take place at a


“it is against the law to sing off key” &

“the mere possession of a lottery ticket results in a $2,000 fine,”



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side-effects of “civilized” idiocy

chronic western perpetual stress---

side-effect of the neon lit metropolis

side-effect of the wonderful illusion of “democracy”

side-effect of the dog-devour-dog reality of


always growing stronger, always eliminating other forms

of life, always eliminating other ways of life,

always demanding to the population of the world that

this is the way of the present &

this is the way of the future---

keeping us…


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nothing goes together with a murderous tyrant state

(depriving its citizens of obvious necessities like universal healthcare,

employment & good free education while stomping round the world

spending all its money on its military that beats other countries over

the head with its billy club)

better than the idiotic “faith” that backed it from the beginning


thanks to the forefathers who seriously believed in “god” & all…


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