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the prognosticator

a frustrated young individual

born of the late 20th century

sat down in their favorite cafe

buried in a borough of the big apple

with cigarette in hand &

a little memo book---

with coffee & cigarettes following each other

one after another,

they began to write down the most ridiculous ideas

that they could muster,

entailing what would happen in the distant future.


after making a good amount of…


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robot prostitutes

have you heard the shit festering

about the robot prostitutes in the making?

heard the christians & republicans

whining their way into a “debate”

about the moral concerns that might come about

as a result of having a robot do

what an exploited, sex trafficked individual

might once have?


see, if robots start doing the street corners

or dancing in the cubbies in Amsterdam,

there might not be the chance for any…


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arrivederci, sweet internet


net neutrality


the so-called “land of the free” online


free exchange of ideas &

the ability to speak out against the wrongs of the empire &

the coalesced corporate whores that have lured you into the grasp

via social

like the Ghostbusters sucking the specters




into the trap---

for the scum on the hill want to make sure your hands are tied…


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momentary loss of all hope for humanity

while waiting in line at a bank,

a television hoisted in the upper corner of the room

has anderson cooper’s television show on &

a woman is testifying that during her

near death experience,

she acquired the ability to speak


to both aliens & angels---

she looks right into the camera when she says it

with all the “faith” in the world

gleaming out her



idiotic glow…


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merry earth day

think of all the stupid holidays that

western civilization celebrates---

everything from christmas to valentines,

all holding rituals that require one to

cough up the bucks & perpetuate the

empire &

the riches in this one plot of land

aren’t even given to all of its occupants,

so imagine how stupid these holidays are

to those who live outside the empire,

whose own lives having nothing to do with us

at all,…


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do you think this is ok, mister/miss john/jenny Q taxpayer?

do you think that after these kids get roped in by recruiters to be all they can be,

they get taught in basic training that posing with the body parts of the…


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the first China war

just what is China up to?

that of course is the mystery debated by the empire’s

current administration,

as it no doubt will be the next,

regardless of what figurehead is in the oval office---

with a rising military budget,

projected to exceed that of the US in less than 50 years,

moving from a current $160 billion this year to that of

$1.8 trillion in 2050,

the policeman of the world is frightened---

having already lost…


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summer of sound cannons

as the occupiers of wall st.

come out from the places that the cold rushed them off to

over the brief winter months,

now sleeping straight across from the stock exchange,

they no doubt get to look forward to a

summer of sound cannons

for as the thugs monitoring the g8 summit in may

have already let us know

such sonic crowd control devices or USW’s

(ultrasonic weapons) will be used on civilians protesting…


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the missionary

crouching down to

“get on the same level” as the child standing before her/him,

with one hand brushing away a few flies that have

nestled themselves in the hair of the kid

as the sun beats down

burning & burning, for the child at this time

wears no sunscreen, wears no shirt,

standing there almost completely naked---

struggling to understand the broken language

spewing from the missionary’s mouth,

s/he realizes, even at…


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uh oh spaghettios

did Mr. Hersh just say

(see The New Yorker article “Our Men in Iran?”)


george w. buttfuck trained special Iranian MEK

(People’s Mujahedin of Iran) while in office

(not to mention having Iran on the empire’s famed

terrorist list) on US soil (Nevada) in 2005?

is that what i just heard?




i guess that then would mean that doing work with

supposed terrorist countries behind the scenes…


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brief note to joey ratzinger

us humans

“groping in the darkness,”

we pleasure ourselves,

we pleasure each other &

we do this not in the name of your “god.”


we abide not in the name of the impending horror that you try &


we take no place beside you or your catholic cult

we find no place to be within the realm of christian hypocrisy & in this

we do not find your fictional character anymore enlightening than a can of spam…


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within a lifetime

how many christians will wake up this morning

to celebrate “the resurrection” &

then turn on their television to see if the nukes have begun to fly?

how many christians will vote in november to elect the figurehead of an empire that will promise the quickest way to bring upon their “armageddon,” via the building up of the military & using it to stomp on as many people possible in hopes that somebody, somewhere, will start their “rapture” a…


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peaceful intent

hillary hillary hillary

who sobbed her way in cafés

all along the campaign trail

who now sits beside her prime opponent

as spokesperson-talking-head-puppet o’ the empire,

telling us all for the

489,675,788,899 th time

that the possibility of Iran

being blown off the face of this earth

is still “on the table”

because we americans

whose big dick beats all others across the world

need to enforce…


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big brother gonna give moola to the rebels

when the policeman of the world

tells ya you’re gonna get a $100 million in aid

to help your rebel force

overthrow the tyrant in power,

you better believe that when

your rebel force

becomes the tyrant in power,

that you’re gonna own up to that time way back when

that policeman was so nice as to give you that paper

to get you out of that squishy area

between that rock & that hard place---

and you will have to do…


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april fools


nitwits &


congregating in their little houses of worship,

celebrating a fictional character

manufactured long ago,

so that fear & control might be instilled within the masses

who would give up trying to change the world that they live in &

place all their bets on a mythical overseeing tyrant who

being selfish enough to muster all of life on this planet,

only to pummel it with hatred,…


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skittles & iced tea

after Trayvon’s slaughter,

people of the empire now know that

in order to buy skittles & iced tea

with dark skin & a hoodie

you must have some proof that you aren’t

packing a weapon---

but what kind of proof do you need?

perhaps a bright neon sign attached to the back of your

jacket, shouting in large letters not to shoot,

or glow in the dark pants that beg the rambunctious racists looking for a new

target to…


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