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the demonologist

think of the state of boredom

in which 45% of americans exist,

wherein they believe their lives are

exciting enough

to have “ghosts” visit them from



understand that the demonologist

has read all the works of fiction &

uses them to “combat” the “specters”

that are conjured up in the heads of these






just like in the MOVIE



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“the most famous man who ever lived”

hollow is the story of “jesus”---


like the stamp with which it was printed,

hollow as these other mythical hero


which all bear a supernatural birth,

which all bear the hunting of said hero

as an infant, with an exciting & dramatic

subsequent getaway,

which all bear the entertaining magic tricks during

the hero’s youth,

which all bear the blind adoration, devotion &

worship that…


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christian drama week

forget the fact that the


written in the “old testament”

just happen to be


in the “new testament,”

because the writers of the

“second book”

read the first one &

just created a character that

would follow suit,

like a badly written sequel

to a b-movie.


but for those who believe that

the fiction is true,

this week brings…


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he looks like “jesus”

long haired white guys,


Koresh to



AJ Miller---

these cult leaders all

“look like “jesus,”

according to many.


in fact,

all one has to do is

look like the pictures of

this fictional character,

in order to start his own



the desperate & empty will flock

to the fluffy haired scruffy faced,

and these are the idiots



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death of a christian science English teacher

i remember well the name of my 11th grade English


Ms. Tominson,

who had been rumored to have given

some of her students

fellatio, during the time when she wasn’t lecturing on


perhaps it was the passion in her that

let her go wild after hours,

drinking with her teen pupils &

then sucking them dry---

but what led to her decent into

christian science,

one may never…


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the unaccountable

have a special friend---

a third party between themselves &

any conversation or action,

who resides in the sky.


have a special friend---

who they can read about in

books of fiction written by others who

needed that special friend in order to

validate any conversation or action

which they might have or do,

by residing in the sky.


have a special friend---

who listens when they cry, who…


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when a “prophet” dies

when a “prophet” dies,

finally having been spit out of

a population that seems to

grind their teeth




when they don’t have someone to


what do the minions do?

has there been a “prophet” in the making?

did s/he see the writing on the wall?

is there a secrecy already in the mix,

where said smaller circle round the “prophet”

has been given the heads up

regarding the health of the



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all walks of life

every herd full of sheep

claims that they have different

fluffy &



who spring from

“all walks of life”---

every herd tells us that

the face of that herd is not a herd at all,

but something that wells with

individuality &

personal growth---

every herd has a third party,

which made that herd gather,

which brought the herd together,

which grants the herd a…


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suicidal South Dakota

dear Mr. maniacally-raving-mad-




if a kid in your school has a gun &

your teacher has a gun,

and the teacher fires first,

or the kid fires first &

somebody misses &

hits other kids

promoting a domino effect of a


will you think then

that the idea of

putting guns in the hands of


might’ve been the



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as the vultures gather to suck beautiful Venezuela dry

now that Chavez is dead,

the american oil companies

chomping at the bit

begin to salivate & lick their lips,


with the foam

of potent country-gutting


for while he was alive,

Venezuela was one of the only

countries left,

who resisted the empire’s attempts to

penetrate it & whore it out to the

highest capitalist bidder---

with Chavez dead,

not only will the oil…


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electing the new pope (conversation between two cardinals)

christian child molester with "holy" guise #1:


“psst…has joey been locked up

in the cage (vatican)?  has he been

put in a safe place where he can’t be heard,

where his senile ramblings won’t reveal

how many little boy’s that we’ve

raped & molested?”


christian child molester with "holy" guise #2:


“yes, i think he’s done with his waving &

tearing eyes, he has done his…


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