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out from the closet of belief

the once-believer in “god”

had been wallowing in the feeling of being all alone

in a world in which every contact that they had

was based on a work of fiction full of characters

on the basis of whom

millions throughout history

have sacrificed their lives

in order to get a reward

be it the myth of “heaven”

or 72 virgins---

this once-believer dragged along these dogmas

that had been beat into their head since…


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silly silly santo

silly silly rick santorum

demanding that pornography go away

so that christians can pretend like

their way is the only game in town

(ban pornography, ban same-sex marriage,

ban sugar, ban television, ban books, ban

conversation not concerning “god” or “jesus,”

ban penises & ban vaginas (after they have

done their “duty” popping out lil’ rugrats like

it was going out of fashion in the name of the


so that…


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the “rogue” soldier

one US soldier gets blamed for killing 16 civilians in


and the whole world is chattering

like they did when the qu'rans were burned---

this time, after the 16 were shot dead,

they were rounded up & set ablaze---

this time, humans were burned.


so as the media affixes Staff Sgt. Robert Bales’ head

atop a sharp stake

has this put anything in perspective?


for the idiots out there who still…


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bottled up horny christian





years &

1 of those times brought on the little boy whom she spends most of her time taking care of these days

(that is, after all, the reason her man married her---for her child rearing capability)

and she thinks this second sexless marriage

brings with it the security that the first marriage did not

(first guy & her went at it like bunnies until he started finding other bunnies as well)---

the making…


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shrewd shrewd figurehead of the empire, mr. obama,

in wanting to keep the MEGALOMANIAC, mr. netanyahu





(he has been put off until 2013, conveniently being held at bay so that the

empire’s presidential election in november will not be disturbed),

offered as a bribe

(like giving catnip to a cat in order to keep it from jumping up on the counter &

clawing the family parakeet to bloody…


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burn the echo

if our species does not destroy itself

before it comes to the realization

that it does not need a fantasy full of deities &

afterlifes, ghosts, predestiny, miracles or saviors to get by,

having finally once & for all,

gotten rid of religion & all of its

ridiculous & terrible side-effects

forever &


then we should build the biggest fire imaginable &

burn the echo---

we should not pretend…


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another one jerks him off

*to be sung to the tune of Queen’s decadent song,

“Another One Bites The Dust”


Barack makes his way into the room

to speak to AIPAC in DC

pandering to every one that he can

offering jokes & smiles (hee hee)

are we happy?  are we psyched to die?

have we all got down on our knees,

give a handjob to the leader of

tha biggest nuke stockpile in the middle east?


another one jerks him off

another one…


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a bum rap

proponents of the american justice system

don’t spend too much time on stories about people

getting let out of prison after being wrongly sentenced &

subsequently festering for 25 years in

one of society’s garbage cans as a direct result---


Mr. Michael Morton did just that.


after being blamed for the 1986 murder of his own wife Christine &

after being sentenced to life in prison,

one wonders just where…


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were you lucky enough to catch

this no-thumbed, homophobic hatemonger,

who graced televisions for a split second years ago,

blathering on piers morgan last night?

did ya get to see him state for the record

just how bigoted one idiot can be?

revealing to us all exactly where he

(and still so many others like him)

cracked like a goddamned egg

he showed his true colors

so that the rest of us can leave the likes of…


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the privilege of faith

a fellow atheist who was making a peanut-butter & jelly sandwich one afternoon

while her pesky neighbor continued to make noises on the other side of the paper-thin


(annoying the bejesus out of her),

gripped the butter knife in her hand

letting all the murderous fantasies enter

(how easily said neighbor could be made to stop said noises)

which would allow her to begin enjoying her saturday again &

yet that thing we call a…


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chained chained women in the “land of the free”

can you feel the jealousy emanating from the other first world countries

whose women watch the US government insist upon

no universal healthcare,

making its own citizens eternal slaves to HMO’s & big pharma


if that wasn’t bad enough,

they watch the religious tyrants beating their “holy books,”


to feel as if it is ok to

deprive citizens of contraceptive coverage in the

health care packages being provided…


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