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calming the territory


how will Israel

“calm the territory?”



with imprisonment &

torture behind the walls,

like they killed Arafat Jaradat.


and we can watch the soldiers get up in the

face of the young boys throwing


as if these rocks would penetrate their

flak vests, as if these rocks wouldn’t

bounce off their tanks

as they plow over the remaining Palestinian

homes, to make way for…


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watching joey fall

wish Hitch could’ve been alive

to watch joey fall,

to see a “pope” of all the

catholic little boy rapists,

dismiss himself from the


prior to taking any responsibility

for sitting back while

all the lil’ catholic priests

go molesting about,

masturbating the boys who trusted

them &

scarring them in the name of the



it’s more important to the world…


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on the outright blatant charbroiling of Christopher Dorner

oh how they don’t like it when one of their own

turns on them,

oh how they don’t like it when he gets a gun---

oh how easily they lie when their lies are exposed &

now Mr. Dorner is dead,

just like they planned.


as parallels are made with Waco &

the buzz clips show the forceful roasting of the cabin in which

Dorner hid for his last moments,

the audio exchanges of the officers in question who



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eyes of a child

the eyes of a child see what

is happening &

they know it’s not good---

they see the facial expressions

of the loved ones round them,

stressed out & angry,

saddened & depressed,

trying to squeeze a cent out of

every possible path left

to the increasing poor of the



the eyes of the child are then

fed lies,

for whenever they open up their

mouths to ask why things…


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on “reincarnation”


on earth

would anyone want to “come back”

to this



one should consider themselves


to be over & done with the

mistake of their parents,

that accidental moment

where evolution burped &

spit out

another human being,

adding to the historical pile of

flaws & errors

which make up our

species &

to want to “come back” to it…


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on the fucking over of Chelsea Welch

let’s begin with what a waitress does in a day…

a waitress works her ass off,

forced to have the biggest smile in the world

for every miserable fuck, every fat american

family with its screaming & misbehaving

rugrats, who come in to shovel food into their


like it was going out of style,

like they had some anonymous tip that

famine was coming.


a waitress makes dick for a wage &

relies on the…


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when politicians cry

taking the podium &

patting the eyes whilst


the genuine feeling in the air,

which might naturally come from the

massing of individuals together,

gets sucked right out

like a massive vacuum has come upon the

scene to do the bidding of this




but we at home

seeing the charlatan on the screens

hold our hands crossed on our torso

from the top of each…


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