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church camp

while shopping with their mother on “good friday”

the kid got caught shoplifting &

after being dragged into the secret room with the plain-clothed cop &

after totaling up what had been stolen &

after the whole pretending-to-cry-buckets episode

failed to succeed in gaining any kind of leniency on behalf of the embarrassed &

fuming mad christian mother,

the two left the store with a new order arising---

the child in…


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so pleasant to hear someone exclaim

“gesundheit!” when ya sneeze,

meaning the German word for “health,”

literally wishing good health for someone who shows the possibility of


so much better than the ignorant, superstitious &

idiotic blabbering of

“bless you,” or “’god’ bless you,”

in which the “blesser” might believe

upon seeing another sneeze that

because their “soul” leaves their body when…


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these books

the bible &

the qu’ran,


how many bodies have been stacked up dead

throughout history for the sake of these books?

how many people have killed & continue to kill for the sake of

these books?

how many people deprive others of their freedoms for the sake of

these books?

how many people abuse their children for the sake of

these books?

how many people have been conquered in the name of these…


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a pile of qu’rans

how many bozos at Bagram

does it take to burn a pile of qu’rans?

is it more or less than the amount of

soldiers that it took to kill off nearly

9,000 Afghan civilians & 20 journalists

since 2001?

just how many supposed “holy books” were in that

pyre, and how many people will die now as a result of

more religious bullshit

thumping & thumping relentlessly

through the world?


how many fanatics did it…


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“god” is a gateway drug

“god” is a gateway drug

stuffed into little babies when they are too innocent &

unable to fight the parents injecting them with it,

tapping the child’s neck like it was a healthy vein thriving from a brand new junkie,

dousing the kid’s head in “holy water” &

subsequently upping their dosage through the

formative years, increasing the need for a

fix &

it’s up to the kid & the kid alone to

get clean from this junk…


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chinese christmas

in a country where religion was supposed to be banned,

where icons had been wondrously destroyed &

the ability to worship had been smacked away,

a young woman journeyed to teach english, straight out of

college, in order to get her start in what she believed

would be the next empire,

after the one that she’d been born in,

had crippled up & died from the inside &

gotten beat to a bloody pulp from the outside,



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Lieutenant General Ronald Burgess

(Director of the US Defense Intelligence Agency)

sat there in front of the Senate Armed Services Committee on Thursday &

asserted to the world that

“Iran is unlikely to initiate or intentionally provoke a conflict”…


um, could we hear that again Mr. Burgess for all the distracted viewers at home?

(just in case ya left the room ta get some milk n’ cookies or…


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playing with the young christian’s head

when i was in 6th grade,

i can remember the rumors from a neighboring school spun

about a young girl around my age

who had gone into the bathroom &

rambled on “bloody mary” repeatedly in front of the mirror---

apparently, as the story went, she ended up in the hospital

because she had been traumatized by something that

“attacked” her in the bathroom &

the scared little christians who populated the middle of nowhere…


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deface away

have you heard the story of the man who has roamed for 5 years

living off the likes of the self-righteous mor(ons)mons in

salt lake city, utah?

as those who claim that coffee & alcohol is not the way of

those that worship the golden plate prophet oddly seem to be able to complain in the same breath that he’s been

stealing such items from their camps…hmmm…


the man has spent time destroying various religious…


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protecting the public

when M.I.A flipped off the

world while performing at the superbowl,

folks at the FCC gasped &

talk of preserving the integrity of the

show has now been discussed,

as if there is no higher level of cultural


(therefore, needing to be preserved in amber

to pass on to generations)

than to strut around

smack dab in between a bunch of muscle men

slamming their heads together while

running around…


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brief note to the Israeli government

would you just attack already?

just go & send all the nukes that you

claim that you don’t have




Iran &

blow all their people to smithereens,

because that is what you want

because that is what you are going to eventually do

after you stop spinning propaganda &

stirring & stirring & stirring up more

lies in the American media to get people to

raise their fists in…


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be with Cali

89 years

for a room full of idiots to end slavery on paper in the US &

89 years

for that room full of idiots to get their shit together & stop Jim Crow---

it took them 92 years to

allow African-American men the right to vote &

a big whomping 144  

to come to the conclusion that women should also

have that same right &

it took a different room of idiots

191 years to figure out that racially segregating…


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$1.2 million

the british empire couldn’t do it

the soviet union couldn’t do it &

now the great big policeman of the world

is ready to finally

retreat with their tail wagging between their legs

all the way home

with the tax payers bleeding

from inside the domestic walls

paying over a million dollars a year

for each soldier in Afghanistan.


imagine if that 1.2 million spent on one US soldier

could be used to propel one…


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masturbating in church

my fondest memory of church

had to have been the day that girl from my confirmation class

whom i can’t for the life of me remember the name of now

showed up in a skin tight neon pink dress

which was hiked right up

inches upon inches above her knee

leaving very little to be desired

but i desired so very much---

i wanted her

i wanted what any bored, horny, teenage

nonbeliever would,

in such a…


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