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Do people ever give thought to the titles they assume? You claim piety with the cross around your neck yet you watch your neighbor go hungry. You claim to be a conservative yet you reap the rewards of the liberal point of view, you should really claim to be the hypocrite you actually are.

If you claim to be a conservative and still drive the 39 dodge your granddad purchased new, still live in the two room tar paper shack he built with his own hands after he immigrated… Continue

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Winter Solstice

Brumalia (Roman Kingdom)

Influenced by the Ancient Greek Lenaia festival, Brumalia was an ancient Roman solstice festival honoring Bacchus, generally held for a month and ending December 25. The festival included drinking and merriment. The name is derived from the Latin word bruma, meaning "shortest day" or "winter solstice". The festivities almost always occurred on the night of December 24.

For those of you devoid of any knowledge relating to Ancient Greece Greek religion was…


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Thankful For

I would like to give thanks for all of those that have made this comfortable life possible. For all who had the ability to forego the dogma of their day and think freely. For these are the people who have made possible our freedom from oppression, our freedom from persecution our freedom from a primitive existence. True freedom only happens when the mind is free from preordained modes of thought. Embrace your mode of thought no matter who may condemn you. Ask yourself if the way you think…


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The Dumbing Down of America

On Fresno`s County`s proposed “tent city” jail plan

To deem a person such a threat to society for the substances that person CHOOSES to consume and to lock that person up, behind walls, behind bars, behind chain link fence, knowing all the while that there will come a day in the near future that the gates will swing open and that person is no longer considered a threat to society with not one single minute of that time spent on correction is absurd. Then to assert that somehow, by…


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Should Be A Crime

It should be a crime to teach children anything other than reason. A child has a few years in which their thinking pattern is laid down for life and to corrupt that process is sentencing that child to a life of ignorance. We wonder why places like China and other eastern civilizations have begun an explosion of knowledge. Has anyone made the connection between not teaching kids crap and those kids studying math and science. I use the word crap but would rather substitute Jesus or any other…


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Security, Not while believing in ghosts

While watching our President give a speech at IPAC i am forced to say F*** Israel.

 There will never be security for people who believe in ghosts, spirits, god(s), or any other form of voo doo. You will always be prey for some entity you deem more powerful than yourself.

I fear no man, no god. I enjoy a security that can only come from a mind that thinks freely.

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Two plus two is still four, even if a million people believe its five

Our current government system has no place for religion. No place for myth, dogma, or rhetoric. I will concede that religion did have its place in a more primitive time but that time is long since past for America and the modern world. Not until we educate the rest of this planet will we put the fairytale to rest, not until information and facts replace myth and folklore will we be free from the hate and division that religion is so famous for. Nothing we do in life today is based on myth. We… Continue

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Koran Burning

After watching a report on the crazy koran burning pastor i am forced to ask this question. Why is nobody talking about the FACT that the burning of a koran is no different than the burning of a comic book or the burning of a piece of wood. There might be a few more BTU's generated from a koran but all in all no adverse affects. It sickens me that these people on TV that report the news fail to include any dialog on this. Lindsey Gram also put forth comments on changing the 1st amendment to…


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The Double Standard of Christians

So I am driving down the road the other day and see this huge hiddeous old clawfoot bathtub stood upright and partially burried as to make like a little cubby. If you live in any area that has a large Mexican population you know what iam talking about, if not then i will try and explain. These folks take a clawfoot bathtub and make a shrine to beat all shrines. There is a statue of, i guess, the virgin mary or something in this little cubby provided by the upsidedown bathtub. There are bricks… Continue

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Third world mentality alive and well ...

The first Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America is part of the Bill of Rights. The amendment prohibits the making of any law “respecting an establishment of religion “. The Establishment Clause of the First Amendment has been interpreted by the Supreme Court as erecting a separation of church and state. This seems simple enough to anyone who thinks free, no laws regarding religion. Yet, everyday, I see laws already on the books, that have nothing to do with religion, not… Continue

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Road Side Shrines , are they litter ?

Letter to Editor;

The proliferation of roadside shrines has got to be viewed for what it is (littering).If a person was to throw from a moving vehicle onto the shoulder of the (county owned road) several plastic, glass and paper items we as a society would expect that person to be issued a ticket for littering. Yet people continue to STOP their vehicles on the…


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