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A very stupid thought exercize.

Okay, so one of the Christian things is being grateful because "ONLY JESUS WAS WILLING TO DIE FOR OUR SINS!"

With it is tied a bunch of stupid shit about our immortal souls being saved, yadda yadda... you know the drill.

I think that Christians wouldn't die for the sins of everyone, even if doing so meant eternal happy life. So there is that bit of relief that their buddy Jesus took care of that shit for them.

So I postulate this question to you very sympathetic and…


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Getting Excummunicated with the help of She-ra

Did you know it is ridiculously hard to get excommunicated from the Catholic church?

Well I'm sure you did, you're all pretty smart here so I won't insult your intelligence, you get it, and I'm sure that the general lot of you don't wonder why I want my name out of their books.


So I will leap into my attempts.

-Anti-god jokes and skits. (Not good enough, I could always repent!)

-Telling a priest I reject the holy-spirit. (Mentioned in the Bible but they…


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Shooter in Florida, Mouse in Home

Church Gunman in Florida

I feel like I need to brace myself. I am one of 2 atheists in a huge family. The other one isn't very vocal. I think that this is going to be attributed to atheists and our "lack of moral compass"


On a lighter note I rescued a mouse from snake death after learning about how rats are capable of altruism (win one for not needing…


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Crosses and Crossbeams...

Look I understand the disgust about the crossbeams. I actually agree that the whole "God is with us in this rubble" is offensive and another example of Christians turning a blind eye to how their god doesn't actually do anything.


David Silverman is being an asshole about it.

An atom David? Really?

I'm a hardcore atheist and I don't find comfort in a fuckdamned atom. I find comfort in humanity, human triumph over adversity. Our ability to realize when another…


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The Three Painters :A parable for athiests

A woman gave birth to a set of triplets, two boys and a girl. The three of them all grew up to be amazing still life painters and all three of them were born with a degenerative eye disease. They knew that some day they would go blind so they tried to paint as much as possible before the world went black.

They also knew that nothing satisfied them quite as much as seeing the world and presenting it in art form. To them still life was the greatest thing in the world.

One sunny…


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My Letter to My Ethics Professor

Dear Dr. Sadler,

                First I would like to say that I love your teaching style, you are funny and approachable and you are one of my favorite professors. You are also a good man, I believe this because I have seen you react to stories of your wife and children and unless you are a fantastic actor I think you understand love, tremendous, wonderful and sometimes oh-so-painful love.

                I’m writing this to you because of something you said on the second day…


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Eye Roll Please

Another interesting day in my ethics class.

Question: Is it ever right to act immorally?

My answer: Yes, when your set of religious morals encourages you to do something to do something cruel it is better to abandon that set of rules and act "immorally."

Gave the biblical example of how we don't stone disobedient children to death.


Stupid classmate: In Matthew Jesus says that we are released from the covenant of the old testament.

Me: Actually he…


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Just some frustrations

I am a sophomore in college and taking summer courses to save money. I'm taking an ethics class and I swear today I wanted to flip my lid.


If I hear ONE more college educated person spout out "evolution is just a theory," I am going to fucking scream.


It ruined my day listening to one of my otherwise favorite professors.


I said nothing though, I can understand why the man may want to cling to the ideas of an afterlife, his wife (who he loves…


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It's like I am accidentally poking bears.

I swear, I never see these stupid arguments coming, it's been almost a month since I last argued with my BFF about my atheism.


This one started when I said I thought that UAV's were unethical warfare. (If there is no life risked it isn't warfare, it's just murdering.)

Now I know that it is just my opinion, I'm anti-war in general but I always forget that Christians are tricky when it comes to who is acceptable to kill.


Anywho, I had just gotten the…


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What we force theists to confront, or Carol's Wager

For the life of me I have no idea if this* is already a thing,if it is then feel free to correct or educate me on what it is called, I wouldn't know what to type in Google to double check.

*What I am about to write, I do tend to write from the middle out sometimes.


As atheists we do not believe in gods or religion, therefore in any religion in which accepting a god is paramount to salvation, we are on the outside.

We take it as true when faced with…


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The Doctor vs. God

It's an odd conversation to have, but there it is, would I rather live in a universe with the God of the Bible or The Doctor from Doctor Who?

It's the kind of argument I find myself getting into with nerds of the religious variety.

It's a Pros and Con's thing for me.


The Doctor


Changes faces so often you aren't sure who you are talking to.

Is occasionally moody and…


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My Athiesm- None of my Parents bussiness.

I'm a mostly uncloseted atheist, my friends know, and my siblings know, as does my loving husband and my three year old son. They know that not only am I an ex-Christian atheist, I am an atheist who will openly argue against Christianity if asked.

Being an ex-Christian is a pain in the ass, because people are always asking you how you don't know god exists. I wonder if ex-Hindus have this problem. Do people demand that you prove that Shiva didn't stomp canyons into existence? Do…


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In honor of Gay Pride Month- a Fight with my Mother!

So, happy gay pride month to everyone, gay or not. 

As I gear up for the Laramie Project (in rural Texas no less) this October I have to say my awareness of homosexual rights (or lack there of) has been weighing in heavily on my mind.

I tried to alleviate this with some humor and posted this video on my facebook:



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Changing The Subject are we?

Had another talk with my friend today...


Me: You know there is actually an unforgivable sin in the bible?

Him: What are you talking about?


Me: In the bible, it says if I deny the holy spirit I will go to hell. Do not pass go, do not collect forgiveness.


Him: Well of course! It's to deny the very nature of God, it's like spitting in his face--


Me: Well then you're off the hook for converting me.




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More Friendly Nonsense.

This blog has so far been stories about my nonsensical encounters with my friend since the revelation of my atheism to him. So if you've enjoyed it so far here is some more garbage.


When my friend and I first started getting to know each other enough to claim "best" status we came across a very odd bit of commonality. Both my friend and I were prophesied over as children.

His came when he was just a newborn, one of the church elders came to his mother and said "His…


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The Scariest Thing I Have Ever Heard A Christian Say.

Okay, this is something I am certain others have heard the faith-fools say: "If there is no god, then I should just do whatever the hell I want right? If there is no consequence..."

You know the drill, people who feel that there must be an external source of morality in order for it to be legitimate, that deep down inside the only reason we know right from wrong is because some dusty scroll told us so.

This conversation is one I have had with everyone privy to my atheism, but…


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To hell with heaven-(Or how I learned to stop worrying and love the finite nature of mortality)

Pardon my stream of consciousness rant for a moment here, there is a slight chance I may delve into cussing more than I intend to.

I am fucking sick of people saying that while they were skeptical that the world would end last Saturday that deep down they were hoping for it since heaven will be so much better than earth.

This rage has been boiling up for the past few weeks ever since I told my best friend that I am an atheist.  He (a new earther Christian type-yeah I don't know…


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