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Why don't you ever pick on ______________?

Oh come on now, you know where this entry is going. If you've been an atheist for any amount of time beyond a few days, someone WILL ask you a variation of this question.

Why don't you pick on the Hindus?

Why don't you pick on the Pagans?

Why don't you pick on the Buddhists?

I used to think that this sort of question was a defense mechanism, someone cornered asking why we big bad atheists are picking on one of the Abrahamic traditions (I have a soft spot for…


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Lack of Ceremony has got me BORED

Want to know my shameful little secret?

I really miss ceremony, all those little motions and incantations to achieve some magical result...

Don't get me wrong, I KNOW it doesn't achieve anything tangible, but dammit! Sometimes a girl just feels like waving around crystals and burning insence and dancing around a freakin' bonfire! Sometimes when I'm furious I want to burn pictures of whoever has done so and imagine the universe collapsing in on them like some sort of eager to…


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A letter to my son.

Dear Anthony,

You may have finally begun to notice that our little family sticks out from the rest of your relatives. I don't drag you to church on Sundays, you may have been baptized but you haven't followed through with any other sacrament, you have never been to midnight mass and most of all, your momma doesn't pray.

Some of our family will try and tell you that I am short-changing you, I expect that as you grow older that the pressure for you to join them on Sundays will…


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Jamais vu and taboo of deity summoning (My hypothesis)

As I have stated many times, I am not a scientist, but I appreciate science as the key to the shackles of religion that once bound me. So I try to be science-minded.

I am a writer though, so I think about words a lot. I like to ponder word taboos, fifty (or more) years ago breast and thigh were too scandalous for public use so companies selling chicken came up with the labels white and dark meat.  Now we can say a little less than half of Carlin's "Seven Dirty Words" on television,…


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Do you think you're right?

Gay Christians give me a headache.

Ugh, I know that sounds small minded of me, and that's really not what I am going for here, but I can't help it. See, I'm a gay rights advocate and a bit of a hag (I'm in theatre, being a hag is second nature to me,) so I'm constantly arguing with the religious on behalf of my gay friends. The "Campus Crusaders" and I have shared many words about homosexuality and morality and my atheism is pretty obvious about five words in.

So when a gay…


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Matthew 10:32-36 and how religion poisons loving families.

Matthew 10

32 'So if anyone declares himself for me in the presence of human beings, I will declare myself for him in the presence of my Father in heaven.

33 But the one who disowns me in the presence of human beings, I will disown in the presence of my Father in heaven.

34 'Do not suppose that I have come to bring peace to the earth: it is not peace I have come to bring, but a sword.


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So angry I'm shaking...

I re-posted this image on facebook: When people ask why I have a problem with religion...

Which has triggered the following argument with my Catholic Parents:…


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I'd like to write a...

I love writing, it is in fact, my first love. It came along as I realized how terrible I am at art and how very tone deaf I truly am.

I can express myself better with written words than I can with spoken language. I have been told it is usually the other way around.

So I want to write a book about something. I don't want to write fiction because, well, I don't feel like mashing my words into whatever pop-garbage the best seller's list is  demanding. I want to…


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... But you're not like those other atheists!

So I'm not a closeted atheist. I bring up my atheism almost as much as my friends bring up their Xtianity. I know because I try and keep the ratio even. This means I mention my atheism almost five times daily. It is an absurd amount for someone who is not politically significant or really even socially relevant. I'm a half Hispanic mother of 1 in Texas. I register so low on the sociopolitical scale that I may as well be mute.

Screaming into a hurricane, that's what it feels…


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2011 In Hind Sight

What a year for me.

I'm sure the rest of the world had it's ups and downs, it was one of those years where I simply couldn't avoid the news (no matter how hard I actively try to) and I am a worse person for it.

So I am told.

My atheism became very personal to me this year. How could it not be? Family and friends alike have accused me of moral inferiority because I don't bow to imaginary friends.

Religion truly offends me, but I don't try to start arguments, I just…


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An Open Letter to My Generation

Dear Children Born in the 1980's,

I am writing to tell you that we are finding ourselves in a very interesting position. In less than a decade the oldest of us will be eligible to run for president of the U.S. The youngest of us are in their twenties, they can buy alcohol and cigarettes and are no longer at the age where doing so is an act of rebellion.

Truth be told, we're getting too old to qualify for "youthful rebellion" and have moved into the realm of being furious…


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My Mother Taught my Son to Pray

I haven't felt angry in a while, I mean I've been annoyed and stuff, but nothing has really poked at the white hot rage center in about two months.

Except this one thing...

My mother is living with us until later this month, how this came about is a long convoluted story, but ultimately she is living in the house my husband and I are paying rent on.

I have a three year old son, and he is simply fantastic, he's bright and funny and loving. I am constantly amazed at his…


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Don't Give me that Ol' Time Religion

So I wandered over to today... I haven't been there in almost 2 years, but I wanted to change my account information so it no longer listed me as "Roman Catholic" (It's the little things right?)

Anywho, I moseyed on over to the forum and noticed a little thread titled "crisis of faith" in which a young forum member posted his current crisis of logic. Anyone who left a church is probably familiar with it.

Anger at scandals and ignorance, the general annoyance of the…


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Revisiting My Godd*mned Moral Compass

I'm a college student of an unconventional age, (I'm about 9-10 years older than my classmates) and I am working on starting a freethinkers club on campus, considering there are no less than three clubs which define themselves as "Christian."

I was discussing this prospect with some of my atheist classmates when the subject of my moral compass discussions with my best friend came up.

You know the drill, I'm an atheist, so therefore I have no absolute on which to base my…


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Religion is a Negative Experience

When does it become okay to speak openly against religion?

I ask this hypothetically, because for atheists the answer is usually, "When you have the time."

But for theists it's usually along the lines of, "Never," or "Always, as long as it isn't OUR religion."

As an anti-religion atheist I get a lot of that weird flavor of pity, never understanding, just... "Well you just had a bad experience with religion."

It has some variety, sometimes it's directly aimed at…


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Insert Witty Title Here- My Deconversion Story

In my last post I mentioned the official first step towards atheism.

I have had difficulties with faith for as long as I can remember. My first crush was a woman (I was 5 and I thought her red hair was so beautiful I wanted to marry her.)

At 7 I asked if different languages can use different words for apples and oranges and not be wrong, couldn't the same go for God? (In case you don't know, the answer is usually "NO!")

At age 16 I had my first existential crisis, I gave…


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Dammit Jim I'm an Atheist, not a Scientist.

Interesting question posed to me during a stunted debate (I wasn't in the mood for another fight.)

The question was, "If you aren't a  scientist why are you so convinced that they are telling you the truth?"

This of course was in reference to my atheism, so many things said to me these days touch upon the subject and really this is quickly becoming the place where I vent. I should start a countdown as to the moments left before I stop respecting their right to be religious and…


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I feel myself...

...becoming one of those "bitter atheists."

Not bitter because I don't have god, not bitter because I don't have a church community, not bitter because this entire sentence has had shit for grammar--

I am pissed off at the screaming morons who squabble like children over who has the better imaginary friend. I am pissed off at the smug declarations that I have a faith. I am pissed off at the assumptions, the accusations and the fact that I am expected to respect religion when…


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Polish Communion Heart Bullshit...


Ugh, I'm tired. Just...

Okay so I'm talking with my little brother's friend who is a 19 year old lesbian Catholic. I asked her why she's Catholic and she fed me the same trite crap I had be reciting all my years as a Catholic.

I asked her some of the questions that led to my own…


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Another uncomfortable convo with my best friend.

Why yes, this conversation did actually happen.

Added by Carol Foley on October 10, 2011 at 12:43am — 1 Comment

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