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Religion is a Negative Experience

When does it become okay to speak openly against religion?

I ask this hypothetically, because for atheists the answer is usually, "When you have the time."

But for theists it's usually along the lines of, "Never," or "Always, as long as it isn't OUR religion."

As an anti-religion atheist I get a lot of that weird flavor of pity, never understanding, just... "Well you just had a bad experience with religion."

It has some variety, sometimes it's directly aimed at…


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Insert Witty Title Here- My Deconversion Story

In my last post I mentioned the official first step towards atheism.

I have had difficulties with faith for as long as I can remember. My first crush was a woman (I was 5 and I thought her red hair was so beautiful I wanted to marry her.)

At 7 I asked if different languages can use different words for apples and oranges and not be wrong, couldn't the same go for God? (In case you don't know, the answer is usually "NO!")

At age 16 I had my first existential crisis, I gave…


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Dammit Jim I'm an Atheist, not a Scientist.

Interesting question posed to me during a stunted debate (I wasn't in the mood for another fight.)

The question was, "If you aren't a  scientist why are you so convinced that they are telling you the truth?"

This of course was in reference to my atheism, so many things said to me these days touch upon the subject and really this is quickly becoming the place where I vent. I should start a countdown as to the moments left before I stop respecting their right to be religious and…


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I feel myself...

...becoming one of those "bitter atheists."

Not bitter because I don't have god, not bitter because I don't have a church community, not bitter because this entire sentence has had shit for grammar--

I am pissed off at the screaming morons who squabble like children over who has the better imaginary friend. I am pissed off at the smug declarations that I have a faith. I am pissed off at the assumptions, the accusations and the fact that I am expected to respect religion when…


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Polish Communion Heart Bullshit...


Ugh, I'm tired. Just...

Okay so I'm talking with my little brother's friend who is a 19 year old lesbian Catholic. I asked her why she's Catholic and she fed me the same trite crap I had be reciting all my years as a Catholic.

I asked her some of the questions that led to my own…


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Another uncomfortable convo with my best friend.

Why yes, this conversation did actually happen.

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