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A very stupid thought exercize.

Okay, so one of the Christian things is being grateful because "ONLY JESUS WAS WILLING TO DIE FOR OUR SINS!"

With it is tied a bunch of stupid shit about our immortal souls being saved, yadda yadda... you know the drill.

I think that Christians wouldn't die for the sins of everyone, even if doing so meant eternal happy life. So there is that bit of relief that their buddy Jesus took care of that shit for them.

So I postulate this question to you very sympathetic and…


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Getting Excummunicated with the help of She-ra

Did you know it is ridiculously hard to get excommunicated from the Catholic church?

Well I'm sure you did, you're all pretty smart here so I won't insult your intelligence, you get it, and I'm sure that the general lot of you don't wonder why I want my name out of their books.


So I will leap into my attempts.

-Anti-god jokes and skits. (Not good enough, I could always repent!)

-Telling a priest I reject the holy-spirit. (Mentioned in the Bible but they…


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Shooter in Florida, Mouse in Home

Church Gunman in Florida

I feel like I need to brace myself. I am one of 2 atheists in a huge family. The other one isn't very vocal. I think that this is going to be attributed to atheists and our "lack of moral compass"


On a lighter note I rescued a mouse from snake death after learning about how rats are capable of altruism (win one for not needing…


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