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The Three Painters :A parable for athiests

A woman gave birth to a set of triplets, two boys and a girl. The three of them all grew up to be amazing still life painters and all three of them were born with a degenerative eye disease. They knew that some day they would go blind so they tried to paint as much as possible before the world went black.

They also knew that nothing satisfied them quite as much as seeing the world and presenting it in art form. To them still life was the greatest thing in the world.

One sunny…


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My Letter to My Ethics Professor

Dear Dr. Sadler,

                First I would like to say that I love your teaching style, you are funny and approachable and you are one of my favorite professors. You are also a good man, I believe this because I have seen you react to stories of your wife and children and unless you are a fantastic actor I think you understand love, tremendous, wonderful and sometimes oh-so-painful love.

                I’m writing this to you because of something you said on the second day…


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Eye Roll Please

Another interesting day in my ethics class.

Question: Is it ever right to act immorally?

My answer: Yes, when your set of religious morals encourages you to do something to do something cruel it is better to abandon that set of rules and act "immorally."

Gave the biblical example of how we don't stone disobedient children to death.


Stupid classmate: In Matthew Jesus says that we are released from the covenant of the old testament.

Me: Actually he…


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Just some frustrations

I am a sophomore in college and taking summer courses to save money. I'm taking an ethics class and I swear today I wanted to flip my lid.


If I hear ONE more college educated person spout out "evolution is just a theory," I am going to fucking scream.


It ruined my day listening to one of my otherwise favorite professors.


I said nothing though, I can understand why the man may want to cling to the ideas of an afterlife, his wife (who he loves…


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It's like I am accidentally poking bears.

I swear, I never see these stupid arguments coming, it's been almost a month since I last argued with my BFF about my atheism.


This one started when I said I thought that UAV's were unethical warfare. (If there is no life risked it isn't warfare, it's just murdering.)

Now I know that it is just my opinion, I'm anti-war in general but I always forget that Christians are tricky when it comes to who is acceptable to kill.


Anywho, I had just gotten the…


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