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What we force theists to confront, or Carol's Wager

For the life of me I have no idea if this* is already a thing,if it is then feel free to correct or educate me on what it is called, I wouldn't know what to type in Google to double check.

*What I am about to write, I do tend to write from the middle out sometimes.


As atheists we do not believe in gods or religion, therefore in any religion in which accepting a god is paramount to salvation, we are on the outside.

We take it as true when faced with…


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The Doctor vs. God

It's an odd conversation to have, but there it is, would I rather live in a universe with the God of the Bible or The Doctor from Doctor Who?

It's the kind of argument I find myself getting into with nerds of the religious variety.

It's a Pros and Con's thing for me.


The Doctor


Changes faces so often you aren't sure who you are talking to.

Is occasionally moody and…


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My Athiesm- None of my Parents bussiness.

I'm a mostly uncloseted atheist, my friends know, and my siblings know, as does my loving husband and my three year old son. They know that not only am I an ex-Christian atheist, I am an atheist who will openly argue against Christianity if asked.

Being an ex-Christian is a pain in the ass, because people are always asking you how you don't know god exists. I wonder if ex-Hindus have this problem. Do people demand that you prove that Shiva didn't stomp canyons into existence? Do…


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In honor of Gay Pride Month- a Fight with my Mother!

So, happy gay pride month to everyone, gay or not. 

As I gear up for the Laramie Project (in rural Texas no less) this October I have to say my awareness of homosexual rights (or lack there of) has been weighing in heavily on my mind.

I tried to alleviate this with some humor and posted this video on my facebook:



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Changing The Subject are we?

Had another talk with my friend today...


Me: You know there is actually an unforgivable sin in the bible?

Him: What are you talking about?


Me: In the bible, it says if I deny the holy spirit I will go to hell. Do not pass go, do not collect forgiveness.


Him: Well of course! It's to deny the very nature of God, it's like spitting in his face--


Me: Well then you're off the hook for converting me.




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