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More Friendly Nonsense.

This blog has so far been stories about my nonsensical encounters with my friend since the revelation of my atheism to him. So if you've enjoyed it so far here is some more garbage.


When my friend and I first started getting to know each other enough to claim "best" status we came across a very odd bit of commonality. Both my friend and I were prophesied over as children.

His came when he was just a newborn, one of the church elders came to his mother and said "His…


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The Scariest Thing I Have Ever Heard A Christian Say.

Okay, this is something I am certain others have heard the faith-fools say: "If there is no god, then I should just do whatever the hell I want right? If there is no consequence..."

You know the drill, people who feel that there must be an external source of morality in order for it to be legitimate, that deep down inside the only reason we know right from wrong is because some dusty scroll told us so.

This conversation is one I have had with everyone privy to my atheism, but…


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To hell with heaven-(Or how I learned to stop worrying and love the finite nature of mortality)

Pardon my stream of consciousness rant for a moment here, there is a slight chance I may delve into cussing more than I intend to.

I am fucking sick of people saying that while they were skeptical that the world would end last Saturday that deep down they were hoping for it since heaven will be so much better than earth.

This rage has been boiling up for the past few weeks ever since I told my best friend that I am an atheist.  He (a new earther Christian type-yeah I don't know…


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