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A letter to my son.

Dear Anthony,

You may have finally begun to notice that our little family sticks out from the rest of your relatives. I don't drag you to church on Sundays, you may have been baptized but you haven't followed through with any other sacrament, you have never been to midnight mass and most of all, your momma doesn't pray.

Some of our family will try and tell you that I am short-changing you, I expect that as you grow older that the pressure for you to join them on Sundays will…


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Jamais vu and taboo of deity summoning (My hypothesis)

As I have stated many times, I am not a scientist, but I appreciate science as the key to the shackles of religion that once bound me. So I try to be science-minded.

I am a writer though, so I think about words a lot. I like to ponder word taboos, fifty (or more) years ago breast and thigh were too scandalous for public use so companies selling chicken came up with the labels white and dark meat.  Now we can say a little less than half of Carlin's "Seven Dirty Words" on television,…


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Do you think you're right?

Gay Christians give me a headache.

Ugh, I know that sounds small minded of me, and that's really not what I am going for here, but I can't help it. See, I'm a gay rights advocate and a bit of a hag (I'm in theatre, being a hag is second nature to me,) so I'm constantly arguing with the religious on behalf of my gay friends. The "Campus Crusaders" and I have shared many words about homosexuality and morality and my atheism is pretty obvious about five words in.

So when a gay…


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