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We're All One: No Woo Woo Required

I recognize that I'm probably a bit odd for an Atheist, heck, I'm a bit odd for a human. One of my many odd stances is in my denial of the Other. Notice the big "O" there? I'm talking about the Other in philosophical terms; that which is separate from the Self. I do not think it exists and I don't make any appeals to some of the crazy stuff that the usual proponents of of such statements usually resort to. There's no need for a collective unconscious. No need for a psychic connection between…


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Paradox of Prayer

Prayer doesn't make sense. We Atheists know it doesn't work. But The thing is, it couldn't possibly work.

I'm going to be arguing as if the Christian god actually exists here. It's purely hypothetical, I'm not arguing for his existence, merely trying to refine how he could possibly exist. Before I begin, let me lay out a bit of the view of the traditional Christian god so you can see what exactly what I'm talking about. First, god is all knowing. Second, god has a plan. The second…


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Sunk Cost and the God Hypothesis

I recognized this concept long before I knew what it was called. A sunk cost is actually a kind of logical fallacy. Simply stated, the cost of a thing does not dictate the value of a thing.

Consider an example. I am a millionaire and have invested $20 million to build a power plant. At this juncture, it will cost another $10 million to complete. However, during the time we've spent building the current facility, new and more cost effective designs have been developed such that it…


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The Masochist's Wager

This is my counter to Pascal's wager. Sure the Atheist's wager would suffice, but I find this to be a bit more fun. It helps point out the true absurdity of Pascal's wager.

  1. There are many different religions. Many of which are mutually exclusive. Many of which contain their own hell(s). It is also possible that all of these religions are false and we are all going to hell.
  2. Without being able to…

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