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Tonight, I Feel Mortal

I guess I'll get a little more personal tonight and have a little "Dear Diary" session. Don't say you weren't forewarned!

I'm a little under two months away from turning 27. Happy Birthday, me. I can't believe how old I am. Forgive me, anyone older, who may be offended by my astonishment, but... I really didn't think time would go so quickly. Obviously, no one ever really does. I know my father is reeling at the fact that… Continue

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Oh Hell!!!

A lot of Christians like to threaten us with eternal pain and punishment in the fiery pit of Hell, but do they know anything about the origins of the concept? Do you? Here's a bit to add to your arsenal of information if you don't already know...

First of all, Hell is a real place. It's true! Rob Bell, the founding pastor of Mars Hill Bible Church (author of Velvet Elvis), says this:

"The word hell… Continue

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Young & Impressionable II

A while back, I posted some journal entries from when I was a believer and promised I'd post more. Well, I found more... and they make me cringe to read them. I was one of them; the ones we, here at T|A, get so maddeningly frustrated with. But, at the same time, I was on to something... and that was being open to materials considered forbidden and threatening to Christians. HA! It was that attitude that brought me here, despite my confidence nothing would shake my belief in God.… Continue

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Fatal Adjustments: How Chiropractic Kills

engraving of a spinal column from Henry Gray’s Anatomy of the Human Body, 1918.

Fatal Adjustments

How Chiropractic Kills

by J. D. Haines, MD

When Kristi Bedenbaugh wanted relief from a bad sinus headache, the 24 year-old former beauty queen and medical office administrator made the mistake of consulting a chiropractor. An autopsy performed on Kristi revealed that the manipulation of her neck had split… Continue

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Aunt to Be

First of all, I have to say I'm really excited because my little brother just told me his wife is preggers. This is great news for my mom since my heathen older brother and I will not be producing any offspring. I really wanna be an aunt, too. Ya know, I get to have fun with it then send it back. :)

It's an interesting situation though, so I thought I'd share. First, my lil bro eloped last December 12th, about a month and a half before his 20th birthday. Yes. He was still 19. I tried… Continue

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The Future of Earth

Paul Fildago

Secular Examiner

October 5, 2009

"If you think that the civilizations of 150 billion years from now will have a better idea of how the universe came to be than we do, Lawrence Krauss has news for you. Chances are, they'll be in the dark...literally.

Delivering a spirited… Continue

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The End of the World

You know when they talk about self-fulfilling prophesies? And you know how the Christians believe the End is just around the corner, as well as the Muslims, and the people who think the Mayan Calendar names the very day and year the End will be upon us? And you see how we're all going to war over who God likes best and gave a certain little piece of shitty land to? And how all the Christians say there's no such thing as Global Warming and that it's just a hoax to glean money from people? And… Continue

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Ted Kennedy on the Separation of Church & State

Source of Article

Almost a quarter century ago, the late Sen. Edward M. Kennedy addressed Jerry Falwell's Liberty Baptist College, and made an eloquent case for the separation of church and state, and for tolerance of people of all faiths and no faith, to an audience who would likely be hostile to… Continue

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Perception is Reality

Last Christmas, I rode with my roommate from Fort Lauderdale, FL to Nashville, TN for part of our Christmas holiday (after that, we went to Mississippi... yeehaw!). Her family lives there, and I've known them all since I was 11. My roommate's sister (we shall call her P) has lived there for perhaps 8 years or so; I used to live with her. At the time, I was very religious; she still is. Because I don't feel like listening to an angry lecture, I haven't told them I'm Atheist. It's not worth it.… Continue

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Here Begins the Controversy (written Oct 2008)

I think the most insulting accusation a person could make against me would be to say that I'm easily influenced. At a young age, I had a pretty keen sense of self-awareness that most of my peers seemed to lack. Justice and truth were important precepts to me, though I wouldn't have been able to articulate it in that way early in my life.

This sense of self-awareness has forced me to be honest with myself about my own motives; it became extremely important for me to ask questions and… Continue

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Angels & Fairies

I have, yet again, been drawn into a futile debate with my mother in regards to religion. It started in a fairly tame manner; we were making points and conceding points. I was happy that she admitted she often had a knee-jerk reaction to certain shows on TV, such as NatGeo or Discovery, and that she usually closes herself off from information because she has a preconceived idea about certain topics.

Today, NatGeo had a show on about glaciers. It was pretty fascinating and explained… Continue

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The Strange Case of Francis Collins

Posted August 5, 2009

by: Sam Harris (www.reasonproject.org)

It is widely claimed that there can be no conflict, in principle, between science and religion because many scientists are themselves “religious,” and some even believe in the God of Abraham and in the truth of ancient miracles. Even religious extremists value some of the products of science—antibiotics, computers, bombs, etc.—and these seeds of inquisitiveness, we are told, can be patiently nurtured in a way… Continue

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A is A

Excerpt from Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand (as quoted from the character, John Galt):

"Are you seeking to know what is wrong with the world? All the disasters that have wrecked your world, came from your leaders’ attempt to evade the fact that A is A. All the secret evil you dread to face within you and all the pain you have ever endured, came from your own attempt to evade the fact that A is A. The purpose of those who taught you to evade it was to make you forget that Man is… Continue

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Young & Impressionable: Inside the Mind of a Young Christian

I've been living in Florida since February... er, well... I felt I was being held captive anyway. I tried to escape several times, but failed. I finally decided, in May, that I was ready to move around the first part of August. I planned on living with my parents, who are in Texas, to save some money and freakin' pretend like I was 11 for a little while.

Well, my older brother (Caleb Daniel on this site) sped those plans up a bit with a very risky emergency surgery. [He's done with… Continue

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What Matters

The world has opened up before me; it slowly unfolds, revealing to me things I would never guess or imagine.

In our culture, we are told our lives should follow a certain pattern. There are activities that one is expected to carry out in order to be considered successful. If you diverge from the path, you will meet with disapproval from several sources: your parents, your friends and peers, your employers, your family, et cetera... You could be called a rebel, at worst, and… Continue

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Art is something very hard to define. Personally, I don't really like trying. It's so subjective and up for interpretation that it's just annoying listening to people make blanket statements about what they think it is or isn't.

Right now, I'm attending an Art Institute in South Florida. Because it's an art school, there are a lot of eccentric people... but not nearly as many as one would expect. Honestly, a lot of them look like they walked right out of MTV and the most profound… Continue

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Journey Into the Unknown

"It’s the questions, not the answers, that make science the ultimate adventure."

by Brian Greene of Wired Magazine

Were some super-advanced alien civilization to swoop down to Earth with the definitive explanation of everything in the cosmos, there’d be excitement at first—it would be thrilling to have answers to the questions we’ve tussled with through the ages. But in short order, scientists worldwide would be utterly depressed. With no remaining mysteries, the scientific… Continue

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Positively Misguided: The Myths & Mistakes of the Positive Thinking Movement

Written by Steve Salerno of Skeptic.com

My college football coach was the kind of guy Stanley Kubrik must have had in mind when he conceived the over-the-top drill sergeant for his classic Vietnam film, Full Metal Jacket. During one game midway in my sophomore year, my offensive-line cohorts and I were having trouble opening holes for our ball carriers. Coach pulled us aside at half-time and lined us up against a wall. He then walked the line and — from a distance of maybe two inches… Continue

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Hope vs. Christianity

In case I haven't made my background painfully clear, let me reiterate: I used to be a Bible-thumping Christian. My grandfathers were both Southern Baptist preachers; my parents met at a Christian college and were both virgins when they married and planned to be missionaries abroad; my mom was in the choir; we went to church EVERY Sunday... when I was 21, I moved to Nashville to "get closer to God" and was there for three years studying the Bible and different theologies. Up until the last two… Continue

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This is the Truth; Accept it Already!

Ugh. This is what I have to wake up to... good times. I just thought I'd share it because, well... I may as well be a first-hand example of the futility of trying to communicate with Christians.


Cara and Caleb;

We have debated and discussed religion and politics intensley over the last several months. I think it has left us all angry, frusterated and emotionally at odds. The separation I feel between you and I is heartbreaking and very grievious to me and I have… Continue

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