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Ted Kennedy on the Separation of Church & State

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Almost a quarter century ago, the late Sen. Edward M. Kennedy addressed Jerry Falwell's Liberty Baptist College, and made an eloquent case for the separation of church and state, and for tolerance of people of all faiths and no faith, to an audience who would likely be hostile to… Continue

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Perception is Reality

Last Christmas, I rode with my roommate from Fort Lauderdale, FL to Nashville, TN for part of our Christmas holiday (after that, we went to Mississippi... yeehaw!). Her family lives there, and I've known them all since I was 11. My roommate's sister (we shall call her P) has lived there for perhaps 8 years or so; I used to live with her. At the time, I was very religious; she still is. Because I don't feel like listening to an angry lecture, I haven't told them I'm Atheist. It's not worth it.… Continue

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Here Begins the Controversy (written Oct 2008)

I think the most insulting accusation a person could make against me would be to say that I'm easily influenced. At a young age, I had a pretty keen sense of self-awareness that most of my peers seemed to lack. Justice and truth were important precepts to me, though I wouldn't have been able to articulate it in that way early in my life.

This sense of self-awareness has forced me to be honest with myself about my own motives; it became extremely important for me to ask questions and… Continue

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Angels & Fairies

I have, yet again, been drawn into a futile debate with my mother in regards to religion. It started in a fairly tame manner; we were making points and conceding points. I was happy that she admitted she often had a knee-jerk reaction to certain shows on TV, such as NatGeo or Discovery, and that she usually closes herself off from information because she has a preconceived idea about certain topics.

Today, NatGeo had a show on about glaciers. It was pretty fascinating and explained… Continue

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The Strange Case of Francis Collins

Posted August 5, 2009

by: Sam Harris (www.reasonproject.org)

It is widely claimed that there can be no conflict, in principle, between science and religion because many scientists are themselves “religious,” and some even believe in the God of Abraham and in the truth of ancient miracles. Even religious extremists value some of the products of science—antibiotics, computers, bombs, etc.—and these seeds of inquisitiveness, we are told, can be patiently nurtured in a way… Continue

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