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This is the Truth; Accept it Already!

Ugh. This is what I have to wake up to... good times. I just thought I'd share it because, well... I may as well be a first-hand example of the futility of trying to communicate with Christians.


Cara and Caleb;

We have debated and discussed religion and politics intensley over the last several months. I think it has left us all angry, frusterated and emotionally at odds. The separation I feel between you and I is heartbreaking and very grievious to me and I have… Continue

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Dirty Little Secret

(I had made this blog private because... well... I get a little weirded out by a lot of emotional poop, but Johnny encouraged me to make this public... so here it is anyway. Thanks, Johnny.)

First of all... I hate Vista... with my soul, or whatever it is that causes consciousness... I hate it!!! >:[


I can't do it. I guess this is where my doulble-life begins; this is where I learn what it's like to hide the very essence of who I am... because I just… Continue

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The God of Abraham, Isaac and... Islam?

At one point in my life, I didn't give much thought to different details in the Bible... everyone else seemed to overlook them, so they weren't brought to my attention. I was in the middle of a Bible study one day and was reading Genesis. I absently scanned the story of Abraham and God's promise to give him a son from which many nations would be born. Well, as we all know, Abraham had some "faith" issues and took matters into his own hands; consequently, he slept with his wife's maidservant,… Continue

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I actually have too many blog sites scattered annonymously throughout the World Wide Web, and there's one I visit on a semi-regular basis to write about more private matters. Ya know, the "Dear Diary" moments. I had a mild epiphany when writing in it last night, so I thought I'd share and expound a little... and then tie it to something else.

Well, I'll admit. I've had this on-and-off type deal going on with this guy who, frankly, doesn't deserve even a little of my attention. I… Continue

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...and it begins.

So, I wrote a blog... ya know, The Fallacy of Faith. I posted it to my myspace. Most of my buddies on that site are family and friends... and they're probably 90% Christian. I thought it was a daring move. I mean, I forget who my friends are. It completely went over my head that my little brother's fiance is on there. Ugh.

They're both "on fire" for God right now; all caught up in this Reformist Church or some-such-shit. Ever heard of Calvinsim? It's a branch of that. Of ALL… Continue

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