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Vote for God Jacobson!

I was stumbling around the internet this afternoon and came across an interesting question. The original post was on some very small, obscure blogspot page, but StumbleUpon did its due diligence and delivered it to my screen.

The question (posed here: http://enlightenedostrich.blogspot.com/2010/06/vote-for-god-jacobson.html) was this: would you vote for a man named God Jacobson, take under…


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Face(book) to Face(book) Conversation - Pt. 2


Tom: Um no [ME], other way around. If either A or B, if not A, then B. That is sound tested philosophy. Thus, argumentally speaking, either side could prove one side right by proving the other side wrong. Besides, what person in the world would ever believe anything that they cannot see the evidence of? Totally ignorant from a… Continue

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Face(book) to Face(book) Conversation - LONGEST POST EVER!

I was requested to post it, so why not? Here is the entire transcript from the facebook conversation I had with "the faithful" as was mentioned in my previous article. For anonymity I've chosen to use just first names for each person, if two people share the same first name I'll indicate with the name followed by 1 and 2.


This conversation is still ongoing and contains 98 posts as of right now, some are quite lengthy. Where I…


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Pretentious Questions on Facebook - Answered

Even though I don't live anywhere near the place I grew up, I still have many friendships and other connections to the people who are still there. Most of them I'm friends with on Facebook. I've gotten in the habit recently of just reading over peoples' status updates to see what's new with my old home.

One guy's updates over the past few months have almost driven me over the edge. Here's a sample:

"[name] Is wondering: who has more faith, the Atheist or the Christian?… Continue

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"We Are All Connected" - Music by Symphony of Science

I got this video from the website www.symphonyofscience.com. I have to say it's bloody brilliant! My favorite part is Bill Nye's scene with the camera looking up at him as he comes down with a rock'n'roll climax of "Billions and billions of stars, billions and billions of specks!!" A beautiful work of art indeed. There are 2 other videos on that site and they're just as amazing. Worth checking… Continue

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Why Can't We Change the Debate?

I would probably have to call myself a newbie atheist, despite honestly having felt like one the majority of my life. I was that kid who struggled to find new ways to delay my family from getting to church on time in the hopes of getting left behind for punctuality's sake. Once in church, I would promptly crawl under the pews to build fortifications out of the hymn-books and bibles.

I realize now how completely unaware I was of what was happening to me as a kid. I lived in my own… Continue

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