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God and religion

Some Christians will refer to atheists who have converted back to being believers but I will say that it does not matter because god and religion is simply a phase of human intellectual maturity and will eventually be a thing of the past. And I believe so.

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Nature is opportunistic in its creative way such as where a species can somehow perceive a means of survival it will adapt itself to go there. I guess what helped to inspire this thought was my experience some time ago with bedbugs.. if there was a god why would he allow bedbugs to torture his innocent creatures? Well not only bedbugs but all the bugs that cause disease, suffering and death and yet not only that but the animals that feed off other animals like a lion ripping up a zebra while it… Continue

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Spirit energy force?

I do not believe in anything supernatural such as 'God' and gods but.. spirit/spirituality? I have been calling it a 'spirit energy force' which I think is a natural element also termed 'power of the mind' where such a thing as a placebo medication can inspire the body to heal itself.. as well as the energy force that can cause a species to change in order to adapt to survive or to improve the body's features to make survival a bit easier; like enhancement of the species as in evolution. So… Continue

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A valid arguement?

This little inspiration came sort of spontaneously about a week ago when I was talking to a Christian guy: he said to me.. 'if you believe in God..yak..yak' So I replied that 'I cannot prove that I believe in God so I must be an atheist; and how about you.. can you prove that you believe in God.. if he does exist?' He could not find a loophole through that one so I teased him that he's probably always been an atheist even if he always considered himself a believer. I tossed the thing around a… Continue

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"bout a year, now..

It must be about a year now since I decided that atheism may be the best fit for my existence.. and I do feel as though I am on more solid ground now than I had ever felt trying to feel secure about a belief in 'God'. I always felt it seemed kind of silly to 'worship something'.. anyway, that IS a primitive practice and it avails nothing. Salvation?.. Christian baloney.

I find people are naturally decent, compassionate, law-abiding, etc; its wired into our brains to be the way we are after… Continue

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I'm interested in hearing some opinions, serious or otherwise, what the world would be like if there WERE a real GOD. ..All religious scripture would have to be rewritten so it makes sense for one thing..

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Imaginary god.. relic of the ancients

Its an interesting point that the Buddhist 'spiritual philosophy' developed without ever imagining a supernatural god-creator into it when all the other religions seemed to find it applicable to base the source of their scriptures on a deity. Seems Sid Gautama was very realistic and wise to avoid the god-creator concept in order to keep things a little simpler (Occam's razor comes to mind..). Wisdom of the scriptures- if it has not been corrupted and tampered with as Christian scripture in… Continue

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The way my brain is wired makes me what/who I am. I've taken some psychology tests that helped me realise that: "Oh.. I guess that IS the way I am", self awareness helped me mellow out some of the rough areas of my personality, but some things I cannot change.. but self knowledge can be a key to self improvement and self acceptance.

Anyway I am wondering if a personality test could be developed that could determine if one's brain is wired to believe in a deity. I saw an article from a… Continue

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My miraculous experience

When I was about age 16 or 17 (that's about 45 years ago) I had to see the dentist about a couple of bad abscesses in my mouth. So he examined me and made an appointment for me to come back the next day or so. I did not like this guy too much because he had a cavalier and condescending bit of an attitude. When I walked out the door of his office it just sort of struck me that before I would return for my next appointment that I knew that the abscesses would disappear. When I returned he… Continue

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Christian fundamentalist faith in Jesus is shallow

When I find that I am having trouble dealing with a CF during a debate because of the frustrating way they usually carry on, I can knock 'em over by asking.. "if Jesus approached you to say that Satan will release 3 sinners from the torments of hell only if you are willing to go in their place.. would you go?"

Four times I presented this item to different CFs and the same answer: "no.." So then I ask: aren't you always to submit fully to your Lord? Don't you think Jesus would have a plan… Continue

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