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The Catholic League and Pedophiles

William Donohue is the face of the Catholic League. For years he's been saying something very offensive. His organization continued the tradition on Valentines Day. On a day for love, the Catholic League spread their vile hate instead. A religion that prides itself on forgiveness and unconditional love has an American face that judges homosexuality as deviant, yet this church based on love does nothing to stop the Catholic League from equating pedophilia with homosexuality 



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Religion is the Essence of Nihilism

A common tactic that I have seen religionists use is the claim that Atheism is Nihilistic. The basic premise is that living this life with no purpose just to have it end is a waste and that simply hoping for more gives meaning and purpose. I reject that argument and propose that living life for a deity, especially if one does not exist could be made into a cartoon and substituted for the definition of Nihilism. 

I ran across a quote today that got me thinking about this. "Isn't it…


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Scarred Boy is a Catholic Goldmine

Jake Finkbonner was injured while playing basketball and ended up with a split lip. He developed a Strep A Necrotizing Fasciitis (flesh eating disease). His face, neck and chest were disfigured before the infection was put under control. Today the Vatican declared his healing a miracle. NPR Link As the story goes, at the point the disease stopped progressing, a relic…


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Are We (U.S.) a Christian Nation?

Rick Perry says that he's not ashamed to admit that he's a Christian. But why would he be? If the nation is 75% or more Christian, why would there be any hesitation in admitting such a thing? Can you imagine a candidate  saying that they are against child rape? Against genital mutilation? Coming out as pro-dog? Of course this isn't even discussion because it's the norm.  But why the need to "admit" that you are a Christian? 

Mr. Perry seems to be holding up his religion like he has…


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Vatican Scavi Tour

I made my good Christian Pilgrimage to see the bones of St Peter recently. Alright, maybe it wasn't as a Christian, but it's something very sought after by some Christians and Catholics. In my case, I was travelling to Italy, including Rome, seeing the Vatican anyways, and my wife ran across the tour. Normally it's way too busy to get in and you have to make reservations months in advance. Since we were travelling in November, we got in with like six weeks notice. I was excited. I love…


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Listen to Your Elders

Growing up the phrase preached regardless of religion is, "Listen to your elders." While it make sense in a control of the masses perspective while kids are going to school, I don't find in retrospect that it was the best advice. Currently, it's severely inadequate as a method of seeking truth or as a method of learning.  When I think back to my Grandmother telling me to put on a hat because I'll catch a cold, I can't help by think, "Derp!" My mother told me to buy a house, you'll never lose…


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Cognitive Dissonance and Republicans

Growing up, I was what I would have thought of as a Moderate to Liberal Republican. Likely it was shaped by the very conservative community in which I grown up. Around 1994, Newt came along and the pandering to Jesus began. Today it's moved so far towards kissing Jesus's ass that they can't even stand Jon Huntsman being on the same stage as Rick Perry. One Governor has a successful record at running a state, and the other has a 25 billion dollar deficit with some of the worst education…


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Where Life Actually Begins in the Bible. Hold Your Breath!

Roughly half of Americans believe that life beings at conception. Why do they believe that? Because their pastors like to read passages like Jeremiah 1:5 "Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart; I appointed you as a prophet to the nations" which seems to show that he was a being before he was born. Or Isaiah 45:9 "He made my…


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Christian Doctrine vs the Founding of the US

We often hear from people of all degrees of belief that the "US was founded on Judeo-Christian beliefs". You'll hear Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachman mention the writings of the founders. I've helped shape a law and you can find my writings. I would hardly suggest that that Construction Crane Bill is Atheist, Liberal, or Omnivorous. My opinions have no bearing on what the law passed was. We have the law, let's judge based on that rather than mining obscure quotes of little to no…


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British Muslim Ass Kissing

A story recently out talks about a mother whom was breastfeeding her child that was asked not to. Apparently she "caused an uproar" by this normal act. I want to point out that while the article headline claims that this was due to Muslims, nothing in the text shows that to be true. 


Britain has been in ass-kiss mode with Muslims for years,…


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Blood Donor: Sneaky Proselytism at a Wedding

Growing up, the biggest motivator tossed out to motivate me to find Jesus was the notion of Hell. I'm sure that I'm not alone. Religions like to toss it out as a threat like friggin' confetti. Saturday, at a wedding, an older couple gave me a pamphlet about how Jesus' Blood Donation would save me. I'm not sure how it happened because religion hadn't come up and I was respectful. But even in my late 30's the threat of the boogie man is my motivator to find the loving God. If God wants to draw…


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A Real Life Noah's Ark!

I caught a news piece on the new Noah's Ark that was been built in the Netherlands. It's referred to as Johan's Ark. Apparently he had a dream about it one night and the next day he decided to move forward and spend 1.6 million on building it. From a business standpoint, I'll bet that he'll see his money back. If he drug it across the Atlantic to say Georgia, he might see it back…


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Religiosity is Not Graded on a Curve

We've all heard Christians justifying their behavior or saying that God will forgive this or that. Today I read a post on Reddit that was suggesting that Apostasy was not a crime punishable by death in Islam. The writer reasoned that they were once a part of a progressive sect of Islam and not in a country based on Sharia Law. This irks me. It irks me when Christians do it too. You have a book of rules. This book of rules was written by a supreme leader so great that you must devote your…


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Thank God for the Destruction of the Parthenon

I took a short set of flights (24 hours of travelling) to Greece and some of her islands recently. Fantastic place to visit. While in Athens, we saw all of the sites. The focal point was the Acropolis and specifically the Parthenon. 

The Where's Waldo outfit was because my wife refused to tell me where we were going until I got to the airport. So I put it on for…


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The Many Paths to Atheism

I'm active on a few sites and there seems to be a few truths. One is that many atheists were at one time religionists. The ones that were once religionists seem to think that they have a monopoly on escaping religion. Their path out is the only way to escape religion. It's not unlike AA members. You must follow these 12 steps and keeping coming back because it works. Much like AA isn't THE way (or statistically, a way) there are many paths out of religion.

I make arguments against…


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Celebrating the Impending End

On the 21st, the world will end. Jesus is to return, raise up his followers and slaughter those that willfully ignore him. Many Christians the world over celebrate this idea. The idea that a third of the world will be burnt. A third of the sun will be destroyed. A third of the humans will be killed. A mountain will be tossed into the sea. I'm not sure that I understand the reason for the celebration. I'm not sure that I see it as a human or as a humane desire. Let me stop lying, it's not a…


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Why Jesus Never Rose from Death, Science FTW

We all know the story of Jesus and his resurrection. Woo Hoo! It's a miracle! Well, it would have to be. And not just that he rose, but that other biological processes didn't happen. So let's talk about death and what happens from the moment of death. Fair warning, this won't be pretty. 


At the nearly the moment of death, Flies are attracted to your body. Shortly after death they will lay eggs in the openings of the body so that their larva can feed on the body tissues. Fly…


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CPS Would Take God's Children

When raising children, we endeavor to keep them safe. Those standards of safety are an ever changing standard. When I was a kid I went out on the ATV sans helmet. But it was a four wheeler rather than a 3 wheeler for safety's sake. Todays kids throw on battle armor from head to toe because parents are terrified of any potential dangers. When I grew up, my father made sure that I knew about gun safety and threated to knock me out if I turned away from the target without the gun being pointed… Continue

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Stop Lurking and Start Speaking Up

You know that feeling that almost all of us had of being different (if you grew up in the US or a religious area) for simply not believing? Well, many of us are leaving the next generation to feel the same. We need to be sure to speak up for those whom have the courage to speak openly.  Far too often we cower in the corner only to have one of us left to speak alone against the crowd. 

Today I posted a link on Facebook to the Tennessee Anti-Evolution Bill. I grew up in a religious…


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The Birth of a Myth. Ra Evolved into Yaweh

A question was asked in the Common Misconceptions of Christianity post. "If you think something is myth, fine. It's another matter to show why; to point out mythological development, and demonstrate the literary genre under consideration is mythical." The answer to this challenge is one that will take more time and space than a retort deserves. For those that don't know some of what I'm about to lay out, burying it in a response seems to be a disservice to the information and…


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