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Good Christian woman?

I went out last night , and met a woman (SUZY) who claimed she was a good God fearing christian woman. I explained to her I was not a man of the faith, but was open minded; wanting to keep it low key about my Atheist beliefs. She seemed unconcerned,(Bacardi will do that) so hoping to get layed I persued. We ended up back at her place, she went into the bathroom to freshen up. It was then I realized I did'nt have a condom on me. So I reached into her bedside drawer hoping she had one . There I… Continue

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why the truth matters

I have been an Atheist for more than 40 yrs.In all my debates with christians I can't remember any of them ever turning to the side of Science, Logic, or Common sense. The current population is lost to us. So I no longer bother with them .Our future is not with people we know, but with the children of the the future.(TA ) keep fighting the good fight. It is up to all of you in your everyday lives; to balance out the ignorance, supersition, and fear! "In peace we bring truth.In silence we… Continue

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It's just a Title

It has always amazed me how few christians actually know the name of they're christ. Even the word christ is not a name ,but a title (Christos)GREEK. A title many of his contempories claimed . Jesus never was called JESUS in his life . Je-sus = Je (GREEK) GOD + SUS is latin for Zues i.e. Jesus = (God is Zues a title .) J .C.'s real name was (yesuwha) hebrew name.This name was never part of the hebrew Torah Emanuel was the name of messiha given by Issac, J.C. was never called Emanuel.So when… Continue

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Do you want to make an atheist statement? Put up a Festavess pole (SEINDFELD) instead of a tree this year. If you simply have to mock the Christians durring the silly season. Or maybe wait until Easter and nail a giant bunny Rabbit to a cross in your yard. To everyone let's just chill out this year,Max out your credit cards, and make New years resolutions like "This year I will not climb Mount Everest."I am so tired of the FoxNews war on Christmas crap;I'm an atheist, but I love X-mas! PEACE to… Continue

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A new HOPE

Hi,are you tired of stone age/bronze age dogma? Are you looking for truth? Do you want to rid yourself of ignorance,supersition,and fear? Join us at the Church of Science,Logic,and Common sense.The SLC offers NO Gods,NO Dogma,No Idols, No Fear,No Ignorance,No Supersistion, No Crystal power,No Magic, No Cult Leader,No ancient Mythology, No Life style biggotry,No Zionist lies,No Mothership behind the Comet,No elephant Gods,No Jihad,No Golden plates with indian guide,No Theatens with space ships… Continue

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The Biggest Christian lie (FREE WILL !)

In nearly 30 years as an Atheist every time I have discusted faith with a christian it never fails that they're last ditch argument will always be to claim that they're God gave people free will. So to all Atheist I challenge you to hold them to fined where in the Bible dose they're God ever mention FREE WIIL? In fact every time people in the Bible excersize FREE WILL they're God punishes them! So where do modern day fundys get this bullshit about FREE WILL? Actually it is a modern day concept.… Continue

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Porno Bible

I recently went to visist my sister in florida,and she mentioned that after our mother died a few years ago she took posession of the old family Bible. This Bible has been in our family for over one hundred and twenty years.It's a huge old ,tattered ,dusty,and slitely water damaged book,but has a lot of christain art pages. I remember my grandmother taking this book out when I was a child,but had not seen it in over 30 years.This Bible had a lot of christain art work every picture; Bible… Continue

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Door to Door for the Lord part II

So let me get your story straight your 3 headed god, ghost ,man ;who happens to be his own father,Rapes his own mother,A magical virgin? Came down to earth ,and told people that they can live forever if they eat his flesh ,and drink his blood?( YUCK) And they wont have to burn in hell forever just because some naked Tart got conned into eating a piece of fruit from a magical tree by a talking snake? So your going to stick with that story? OK let me try to figure this out a magical virgin gave… Continue

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Door to Door for the Lord part III

I have done a series of posts in the past on how to deal with people who go around knocking on doors for the lord. Some of my suggestions were not that nice. And I have to admit normally I try to be civil with theses people,my son got tagged by the latest church group,He is 19 yrs old and I was quite impressed by his approach something I have never even thought of. The fundy woman at the door started in with her pitch ,and my son simply said so"Sorry were Jewish". without even blinking an eye… Continue

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The Bible and slavery( Black America)

Every man in the bible was a slave owner. So why do black Americans worship a God who not only approves of owning Slaves ,But endorses the practice of slavery? One only has to look at the bible when god tells man "if you beat a slave with a metal Rod and he dies within a day you were wrong,but if he lives for a day or two then dies ; Hey ! were cool."Black Americans should denounce the white Christian god !Even Jesus said slaves should be obedient to there masters.So why do black people follow… Continue

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Why do Athiest make them so Angry?

I have always considered 2 people arguing about religion is like listening to two retarded children arguing about who's imaginary friend is better ,or two teenagers arguing over who's faster the Flash ,or Superman? And for most it's just silliness, but for others they are so convinced that they are right and anyone who doesn't agree with them should be destroyed.To Christians Atheist tend to come off as smug, condescending, Intellectual, Big word using, Science reading, Know it all's ."How dare… Continue

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Good for the french sue the Scientologist church

Maybe we here in America could start doing the same Sue all the churches local,state,and national churches for Fraud,Murder,Hate Crimes,Racism,Practicing medicine without a license(Sientology,Benny Hinn, and others That will do away with all the faith healing crap How many children and Adults die each year because there chuch tells them just believe in faith? ,Child abuse how many church support beating there children ?,Tax fraud,RICO act organized crime like the government did to the KKK,… Continue

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The Elohim , and the Judao christian Origin

In the beginning, there were the Elohim( Sons of God) There names in the Hebrew pantheon were many.Ea the father of the gods, EL the wisest of the gods, Yahweh the god of the Moon,His wife Ashera Mother earth goddess,Yam,Baal ,Chemosh, and many others.REF: WIKI Elohim/Ancient gods of the Semitic.The Elohim are mentioned in the Bible over a thousand times REF:KJV King James Version/or the NIV .Most of the time the Name Elohim refers to the singular ; however most of these should be in the plural… Continue

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