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I often hear the question or a suggestion that atheists get involved in the political process.

Here are my reasons for thinking this is a really bad idea. First of all politics is like walking through a deep mud puddle. There is just no way to do it without getting dirty.

Politics in our strange form of democracy (really a…


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Apologist's Arguments Fail

Before we look at bible contradictions we first have to address the issues of bible inerrancy and apologetics.

First inerrancy; there are two main views when addressing the accuracy of the bible. One group of Christians believe that the bible is divinely inspired by God and its message has been molded and shaped by…


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The Pledge

I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for…

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Irresponsible Arrogance

By Dennis Renner

I imagine I will upset quite a few people with this blog. My purpose in writing it is to cause people to think. It's time humanity took a long look into the looking glass.…


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Our Sons and Daughters Future

For the last few weeks I have been working out of town and have been too tired to take the time to really write anything. I have been following and reading the many articles on the Green Atheists and the global state of affairs. Not to be a pessimist but a realist I must admit the majority of articles paint a rather bleak picture. Humans and the other species we share this planet with appear to have a grim looking…


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Time to Progress

Global warming, resource depletion, plant and animal extinction, and a myriad of other social and health issues are facing humanity and our planet.

There are so many major problems facing humanity today that it is almost too depressing to think about them. Perhaps that is why religion is so popular. It offers people a form of escapism from reality.

All these problems need fixes and yet humanities current institutions are gridlocked and unable to work together to solve these… Continue

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Does Religion Do More Harm Than Good?

By Dennis Renner

Of course the answer all depends on who you ask. With in religion itself you will find those who are completely against war and at the same time those who feel god has chosen them to do battle for his sake. There is a strange hypocrisy in religion. On one hand they preach peace, love and forgiveness and next minute they are reading scripture that tells them to kill all the people who don’t believe in their God. Stone all those who work on the Sabbath to death, murder… Continue

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I Don't Know!

I Don’t Know!

I don’t know all the answers. No human does; that is why I keep asking the hard questions. My blog’s on diet certainly caused a storm of debate. The evidence that I found on animal and human physiology appeared to be very clear on comparative anatomy of carnivores and herbivores. From "The Comparative Anatomy of Eating", by Milton R. Mills, MD. When examining the jaw and teeth structures, chemical analysis of saliva digestive enzymes, intestinal length, stomach… Continue

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Carnivore or Herbivore ???

Carnivore or Herbivore ???

I seem to have created some debate. I guess I stepped on a sacred cow or better yet the sacred Big Mac. Debate is a good thing. It is how most of us became atheists in the first place. We began to question the wisdom of the established religions. We began to cast doubt where slavery, sexism, bigotry, and ignorance are supported by dogma.

This is an argument that goes back and forth; all kinds of answerer's are given on both sides of the debate. There is a… Continue

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Think About It

Think About It.

I hear complaints from some about veganism and vegetarianism. Meat eaters seem as defensive about their diets as Christians and Muslims are about their religions. Perhaps the same kind of false assumptions and faith is being applied.

Lots of meat eaters claim that it is there right to eat meat. That eating meat is a personal choice. Eating meat is exercising their freedom. It tastes good so there fore they should eat it.

Well just like religion has… Continue

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Proposal to Save Humanity

By Dennis Renner

A solution to the water crisis would also solve the issues of global warming and our health care crisis in America. As strange as it may seem these three issues are intertwined and inseparable. As global warming accelerates the loss of our glaciers, our supplies of fresh water are reduced on a global scale. In this proposal we shall examine how the fresh water shortage, America’s health crisis, and global warming are all a result of human choices. There is no… Continue

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