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TCVS Episode 10- Heathen Half Hour "Moral Objectivity and Your Brain"

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On this episode, I talk about a very divisive topic: moral objectivity. Religious people generally assume that since atheists do not use a holy book to define their morals for them, they assume atheists don’t have morals. If religious people would pick up a biology book and read about the brain, they might know that they are wrong.

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TCVS Episode 08- Heathen Half Hour "Religion Doesn't Deserve Respect"


On this 3H, I discuss giving religion respect. I was inspired to cover this topic by a discussion on Facebook with a friend of mine who accused me of being wrong because I don’t respect religion. I hunted and found an article (found here) that explained why ecumenical religious people…


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TCVS Episode 05- Heathen Half Hour! 10 Myths about Atheists

My new episode of my podcast is up! You can listen to it at, or subscribe to it on iTunes at Rate and review it on iTunes please! Thanks and I hope you enjoy the episode!

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TCVS Episode 04- Catching Up with Elaina

I talk to Elaina Winter, an old friend from high school whom I haven't talked to in 10 years. We exchange stories about what we've been up to the past decade and what our families are up to. Elaina takes us on a journey through her experiences that include filming a behind the scenes documentary about a band touring strip clubs, her painful incident at Clemson while filming for the band Lifehouse, and her current day player gig as a set dresser on the Three Stooges movie.

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Need a cool atheist t-shirt?

I just opened a new CafePress store catering to the fashion needs of the freethinking. It's called Heathen Tees. All the shirt designs are original and made my me. I encourage you to buy at least one! I'm trying to turn this into a small business, as I am unemployed at the moment. Thanks for checking it out and I hope to see people wearing them!

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Question about copyrighted atheism symbols

Does anyone know if any of these symbols are copyrighted? Also the Invisible Pink Unicorn symbol?



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TCVS Episode 02- Heathen Half Hour

The second episode of my podcast is up, and it is my atheist episode! Called The Heathen Half Hour, I talk about my journey into atheism after a life changing event made me doubt my faith. Go to to listen! Thanks!

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My First Podcast is up!

I host a podcast called The Cowboy Voodoo Show and I want to invite all of you to listen! On the show, my friends and I chat about current events, pop culture, and we share personal stories. There will be 2 shows a week, provided I can get guests lined up. One of the two episodes every week will be atheist related (working title "The Heathen Half Hour") where I'll talk about various religious and political topics and try to open peoples' eyes to the truth about atheism. The first episode is up… Continue

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Evidence For God: Human Casualties Due to Religion and Atheism

I just used StumbleUpon and found this page:


The first chart was interesting, showing how many people have been killed for other reasons than religion. Most of those were due to land and power struggles, invasions, and corrupt or inept governments. However, every one of those countries or groups had religion of some sort (even the Mongols, who were…


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Magazine Update #2- What's in a name?

My magazine idea is slowly coming into focus. I'm currently stuck on something that some of you guys may help me with.

The magazine needs a name.

First, let me tell you my vision of this magazine. I want this magazine to be by and for atheists. I want it to encourage closeted atheists to come out, making it known that they aren't alone. I want it to be thought provoking, artistic, classy, sexy, informative, and helpful.

The name needs to say all this in as few words as…


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Magazine Update #1

I love the responses about the magazine! I knew there would be some creative people on here just itching to get some of their stuff out for others to see.

The plan is to get a pool of talent together and once there are people who will be serious about this involved, we'll get to particulars. Right now I'm trying to wrangle some folks (we truly are like herding cats!)to see how much content can be created. If you read this and are interested, message me, reply to this, twitter me,…


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Would anyone be interested in contributing to a magazine?

One of my dreams in life was to have my own magazine. For years I toiled with what to make a magazine about. After a few false starts, I've finally come up with a concept for a magazine.

I want a magazine by and for atheists, free thinkers, humanists, and sprinkle it with some tech and nerdy stuff. After stumbling upon this website, I've realized that we atheists need as many outlets to broadcast the issues and causes we stand behind as we can get. I would like this magazine to…


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